Signal Booster issues

  • 6 July 2020
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I have had one of the signal boosters for two years now. I have in the last year been having nothing but issues with my home network dropping its connections to the service provider. I have replaced modems routers wiring , its all state of the art from the pole to the house. I was getting ready to toss it all out when it downed on me the one device i never changed or removed was the T Mobile Booster. GUESS WHAT BEEN PULLING MY SYSTEM DOWN!!!!!!!


IT is pretty frustrating not to mention, how many times i have driven my service provider nuts!!!!!!!  before we go further her is the information on this device


4G LTE CellSpot

Model: SS2FII  Femtocell Multi-Band SOHO

Please let me know if i should turn this in or drive over it with my truck!!! 

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