Since February 19th my cell reception is bad and my internet connection through Hot Spot does not work reliably.

  • 25 March 2021
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I have been a T-mobile customer for about a year.  I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  

Where I live there is no internet provider.  The only choice I have for internet service it to use my cell phone as a WiFi Hot Spot.

The prior cell provider worked but would often drop calls and teh internet would have periods of slowdowns or lost connections.  This was even after installing a WEEboost cell signal amplifier with a directional parabolic antenna.

When T-mobile said we had 5G in our area I was skeptical.  I purchased a 2 Samsung S20 5G phones and a LG Glad 4LTE tablet.  When we first switched to T-Mobile the signal was weak but with there signal booster the internet worked real well using the Gpad as a WiFi Hot Spot.  The 5G phone receptions was better but occasionally still dropped calls.   Since I work from home internet working better was great.  We were happy with the T-Mobile service.

On February 19th we had an ice-storm in our area and the cell signal was completely lost.  Later in the day the signal was restored but our service went to pot.  I have contacted T-Mobile technical team a total of 8 time since them.  They would check a few things, have me restart my phone, at one point in time they had me go in to the local store and have the SIM chip replaced in the 2 cel phones.  One technician sent me a t-mobile 4g LTE Signal booster.  It would not connect to the tower.  Each of the first 7 calls would end with the technician stating the were passing the issue on to the engineering group and would call me back.  No-one per call me back.  The last technician I talked with stated that the cell signals are weak in my area and what ever signal level I am getting will probably not change.

I have been told repeatedly that the tower is fine.  However, after Feb. 19th something drastically changed but no one at T-Mobile can tell me why, or even admit that something changed.

Any one with any ideas of what I might try?

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I have a very similar experience as you. Call/Chat support, they get an engineer to look at the issue. Engineers say all is fine. All was fine before the winter storm on Feb 19th. Ever since then we have had issues with service. Our phones even show service but we are unable to place/receive calls, send/receive SMS, or use data. Once we leave the affected area (our town) and the phones switch towers, everything works again.

T-mobile has told us to turn 5G off on the phone but 4G doesn’t work either.

We have home internet but the stupid Samsung devices keep switching back to “Wifi Calling - Cellular Preferred” for some reason and the cell network doesn’t work.