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Hi, I just switched over from Sprint about a month ago. I’m currently experiencing terrible speeds in my home. I did reached out to T-Mobile and was provided with a signal booster. I get 3-4 solid bars and 9 on the coverage area and my speed is pretty bad. I have two iPhone 8s and two 6s in my place. I don’t remember having his issues with Sprint. I’m attaching three screenshots for speedtests done in three different locations inside our home. Not sure what will happen if we lose


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Those speeds are.....not great... not great at all. Is this only happening when you are at home? If so, can you get me your major cross streets and your ZIP code so I can check the location out?

The speeds are in my house even when I have 3-4 bars and LTE. My zip code is 23185. Streets you can look are Spinnaker Way and Yardarm.

I do not want to hijack another person's thread, and if that's what I'm doing then please tell me I need to start another one.

I am having precisely the same sort of issue here in ZIP code 24401.  My speeds are congruent with the first two shown by carlosdia:

And I'm even getting Ping results in the several hundred millisecond range with failure of the download test or upload test.  I had been considering dropping my DSL service and going to T-Mobile wireless as my primary internet access, but if this is characteristic I cannot do that.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with mobile hotspot feature and I have the 4G icon showing and 3-4 bars at all times.

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@carlosdia & @britechguy

I just took a look at both zip codes and I am not seeing any outages or congestion. We are definitely going to want to get a couple of engineering service tickets opened up for you folks. If you have a moment, please contact us so our tech care folks can get the ball rolling.

I just contacted tech support and opened a ticket.

We must have some sort of cosmic connection, as I literally just got off

the phone with 2nd tier technical support. They couldn't solve the issue

either, so a trouble ticket has been put in for the field engineers to try

to figure this out. I've consistently had download speeds of 0.5 Mbps

and upload speeds of barely over 1.0 Mbps for days now (which is odd in and

of itself because upload is virtually never faster than download, but

that's been consistent, too). My fingers are crossed that they'll find

the root cause of this issue!


I was contacted by tech support Friday indicating there was some  antenna maintenance being done around my location but that the maintenance was completed. According to the person I should be good to go now. Well, here’s couple screen shots of what good to go looks like I guess.

I have not, as yet, heard back.   I certainly hope that "good to go" gets much, much better before I do.

Those speeds don't even approach 2G and are still odd since download is slower than upload in both cases.  That is, as the old saying goes, bass ackwards.

It is a bit frustrating. I'm sure my speeds with Sprint were far better around here. Separate topic is that Sprint would have deals on iPhones without having to add another line. It seems with T-Mobile you need to add a line if you want to get a good deal. The two iPhone 8s I had before a transfer over from Sprint were both at 50% off!! I was only paying $14.58 for each.

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Hey everyone.

I know it's been a few days, but has anyone received any updates on their tickets? Please let us know. Thanks!

Check my response from 24 June. I also posted more screnn shots there.

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You haven't touched base with Tech support since the 24th? I feel like we'll need to have engineers take another shot at this. Also, have you tried toggling the LTE feature off to see if the speeds are faster on another connection like 4G.

I have not heard word one from anyone since I finished on the original call on June 22nd.

This is something that makes me furious, but shouldn't anymore, because it's become so typical.  If you promise follow-up contact then, for heaven's sake, then MAKE THAT CONTACT!!  It's better to not promise it at all than to promise it and not get any contact back.

I was never given a reference number/ticket number (and I know I should have asked) so I don't even know what I would reference were I to call back.  And I should not be having to call back.

Serious question:  Why are the devices not doing this sort of switching themselves if they detect abysmal speeds?   I can see no logical reason for having an option, "LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)," that will not try stepping down the list, even if temporarily, when terrible speeds are detected on whatever connection type is currently in use [after some time limit passes - no one wants this sort of switching every 2 seconds if things get erratic for a brief period].

Speeds are the same after I toggle LTE off.

Same was true for me when I used 3G/2G (autoconnect) option.

I live in an area that's juuuuust outside the "strong" 4G LTE area, even though my phone instantly shows the 4G LTE icon with either 3 or 4 (out of 5) bars if I have WiFi switched off.   The local store says we're supposed to be in an area that's being upgraded, which is likely true.  My block and a couple of blocks around me are still in the "light green" rather than the "dark green" area on the coverage map, a light green dot in a dark green pond (my area as a whole is too small to call the whole local coverage area a "sea.")

I had been hoping to be able to drop my land line and DSL service, but I'm not so sure about that if this can't be fixed.

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@britechguy you're completely right about promise. We should have contacted you back, and my apologies we missed the mark on that. When we file tickets, it's tied to your number and would be listed in your account. Tech support should be able to look that information up and check the status. As for manually switching networks, this is a test we like to do for troubleshooting. It helps us isolate a particular band frequency and see if it's causing any hiccups with your data. Please understand, this isn't something we require folks to do to use data. It should just connected to the strongest signal available depending on where you are.

@carlosdia I really appreciate you testing that out for me. This definitely means we'll need to have our Tech Care folks revisit that ticket and send it back to our engineering team to help further resolve this.

Latest update, with a preface, the actual SIM card/phone number I am using has changed since this saga started.

I called this morning and explained that I had filed a ticket and provided the number I had been using.  No ticket could be found.  I am positive that I gave the correct number as they were able to pull up my brother-in-law as the actual account holder (that number is one of 4 lines on a family plan).   I cannot explain the disappearance of the ticket, as I talked with both first tier and second tier support, at length, back on June 22nd.  Since I had never received a confirmation number I had nothing else to go on.

I set up my own T-Mobile account along with my partner on the Unlimited 55 plan over this past weekend.   I am still having exactly the same issue with data speeds whether using the phone or using it as a hotspot.  Since it's a Galaxy S7 it's got more than enough "firepower" to act as a fully functional hotspot.  On the phone itself I have a Ping of 39 ms, Download speed 4.96 Mbps, and Upload speed of 1.29 Mbps.   Using it as a hotspot things are even worse, with a Ping of 44 ms, Download speed of 0.44 Mbps, and Upload Speed of 1.45 Mbps.

According to the representative I talked with the tower nearest my home just completed an upgrade as of May 31st.   A new ticket has been opened (and I have a confirmation number) and passed to engineering.   I sincerely hope I will receive a response to this one within 72 hours.   Something's very wrong here and, given how "off" these speeds are, it shouldn't be all that difficult to determine what.

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Thank you for coming back and giving us an update. I'm sorry to hear your ticket couldn't be found, but I'm glad you've opened another. That was the right thing to do. I'm also happy you have the new ticket number. I understand you've been waiting on us to get this all sorted out and we appreciate you giving our engineers more time to fix this for you. Please continue to keep us posted with updates. We wanna see this through to the end.

Just FYI, the confirmation number, which I presume is the ticket number, I was supplied was 2839274  (and I don't consider that private).

As I was out and about today I decided to do some speed testing from my car (and, yes I did pull off) and here are the results:

Location                 Time          Ping (ms)        Download (Mbps)         Upload (Mbps)

Harrisonburg,VA      4:15 PM       47                       37.4                                14.3

"                               4:20 PM       44                       22.0                                18.1

"                               6:40 PM       35                       47.4                                27.1

Mt. Crawford, VA      6:55 PM       38                       23.6                                  8.69

Mt. Sidney, VA          7:02 PM       38                       25.7                                14.0

Verona, VA               7:11 PM       34                       29.3                                   6.14

Staunton, VA            7:18 PM       37                         3.16                                 0.52   (one block away from my home)

"                               7:20 PM        37                      27.4                                   5.50   (my home, outside in the car)

"                               7:25 PM        36                        2.65                                 1.18    (my home, inside)

"                               7:45 PM        39                        2.59                                 1.05    (my home, inside)

If this is useful to the engineers please feel free to pass it on.  The tower that serves my home and the areas surrounding was supposed to have been upgraded at the end of May.  As one can see, the results become hugely variable in the block around my home and generally pretty horrible.  That 27.4 speed I got outside is the first instance of double digits anywhere near to my house that I've gotten in recent weeks.

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I really appreciate you posting this. It's super helpful and I can see this being really useful for our engineers. I tried looking up that ticket and I'm sorry, I wasn't able to find it. When did you file it? I know Tech Care can look in to your account and double check the number. They can also update the ticket with this awesome info you've given about your speed tests

The ticket was created yesterday morning, late morning EDT, and that's the number that came in the text message send by my support tech a few minutes before we concluded the call.

I have also noticed wildly varying speeds, mostly on the 7 Mbps Download or less, but on occasion in the high 20s to low 30s, at home depending on where and when I do the test in the house.  Sometimes moving less than 5 feet can change things, and I don't live in a steel and concrete box.  I got one reading just above 30 Mbps this morning followed by another in the same spot about 10 minutes later of 6 Mbps.

And just now, about 20 minutes later, in hotspot mode with the phone being in the same location where the 30+ and 6 Mbps readings were taken I'm getting download of 0.31 and upload of 1.17.  This kind of variability is just maddening, and isn't occurring in multiple areas within 30 minutes travel of here.

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Hmm. I know speed can fluctuate, but that's a bit of drastic change in a matter of minutes. Does your home have multiple levels? If so, are you on one of the upper levels when you run these tests?  I'm also curious if you're seeing your signal bars fluctuate at all. I did triple check that ticket and I'm sorry, I couldn't pull it up. We'll really need to have our Tech Care team open your account and make sure we had the ticket number right when we sent it to you.

Sorry, I see I dropped a digit.  That confirmation number is 28392754.  The 5 was missing.

Another test when out today at Statler Square, which is at the corner of Statler Boulevard and Greenville Rd, gave a ping of 38 ms, 38.8 Mbps Down, 7.0 Mbps Up.  Running right now from in my den it's Ping 36 ms, 3.29 Mbps Down, 0.68 Mbps Up [Jitter 27 ms].

Just back from doing an "around the house, inside and out" tests:

Inside, upstairs:   Ping 36   9.56 D   7.41 U  Jitter 5

Outside, below the inside upstairs location:  Ping 30  6.71 D  6.77 U  Jitter 10

Inside, upstairs, opposite side from test above:  Ping 37  5.42 D  2.08 U  Jitter 10

Outside, close to below the location reported immediately above  Ping 36  7.51 D  5.19 U Jitter 5

And, back in my den:  Ping 33  2.92 D  1.50 U  Jitter 17

The entire set have probably taken me all of 15 minutes to complete.  There's no more than a couple of hundred feet, at most, between the test points and the outdoor figures are sometimes worse than the indoor ones.  It's like I live in the T-Mobile signal Bermuda Triangle as far as data goes.

More data points from around Staunton today (7/1/18):

1:37 PM  1000 Greenville Ave:

         P 51 J 19  D 26.8  U 5.75

4:05 PM 90 Lee-Jackson Hwy:

         P 39 J 7    D 35.2  U 19.0

And, right now (4:55 PM), in my den on the other side of town:

         P 39 J 11   D 2.95  U 1.26

On all of these speed tests I had a minimum of 3 bars, sometimes 4, and the 4G LTE icon on and showing up/down arrow activity.