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This is really great info. I'm guessing those other locations are much further away from your home, right? We'll need to have engineers focus on your home area. Have you gotten any updates on the ticket you filed? My apologies, I'm still having some trouble pulling up that number you gave me.

I guess that depends on how you define "much further".   It's a couple of miles at most.

And, no, I have not received any follow-up and the confirmation number I gave the second time is absolutely the only thing I have to go on, and it came in a text directly from T-Mobile, from "phone number" 5116.

I really appreciate your stick-to-it-tiveness here, but the lack of promised follow-up, even if the status were to be, "We still don't know what's going on, but we're continuing to research it," is appalling.   I am, at this very moment, on the phone with Customer Support, even the rep I'm working with [I'm on hold right now] cannot find the ticket number based on that confirmation number.  She has found a note in my account that a ticket was submitted, but with no note of the number (which is insane), and is in the process of trying to track down that actual ticket number.

When I submitted the ticket the statement from that Customer Support rep was that I would receive a text with the reference number I needed to use to refer to this ticket.   Obviously, that was not the case.

T-Mobile needs to get its house in order with regard to these issues, and fast.   Everyone has been very responsive when I am working with them, but no one seems to be able to pull up anything related to prior contacts which are essential to "continuity of care."

I wish I have the time to run all these tests around. I still have issues.

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@britechguy we definitely should have followed up if we said we would. I'd like to give you a status update here, but at this point we'd need are our Tech team or our social media T-Force team to open your account and give you updates on that ticket. I understand that doesn't make up for missed followups, but I know either of those teams can look up that ticket and give you specific info about what's going on.

Same thing for you @carlosdia . I saw that you opened a ticket too and you'll want to reach out as well since the problem is still going on.

These tests take all of a couple of seconds to run when you're anywhere.   Just download the Speedtest (by ookla) app then it's nothing more than tapping a button.  The test completes in well under a minute.  The most work comes from quickly writing down the four parameters' results (Ping, Jitter, Download, Upload).

Now, I'll add more about T-Mobile Customer Care:  It really needs to get its house in order.    The  rep I just got off the phone with, who is out of the Richmond, VA, call center was spectacular.  She was able, after a few minutes research, to give me a definitive (for the moment) answer that wasn't what I wanted to hear, but gave me the information I needed to know:   I am in an area of my town that still has only 2G speeds.    I gather that even though I show 4G LTE reception that the signal is very, very weak.  You could very well be in the same situation.   We're supposed to be upgraded, but there is no firm date for when that will occur (and I had been told by one customer service rep that an upgrade had just occurred at the end of May, which was inaccurate).

Now, why the previous two first line reps, followed by the previous two second line reps, were not able to determine this information and save myself, several of their coworkers, and field engineering the runaround my two tickets have caused remains a mystery.

For tmo_mike_c, the information I received is that my two tickets have Complaint ID Numbers 283 927 38 and 283 927 54, and that they can be located in Grand Central, under the Network tab, right at the bottom.   Both are closed with "no problem found" and the second level customer service reps who were supposed to let me know about this never did for either ticket.  That is simply unacceptable when a direct statement is made that the customer will receive a follow-up call giving the status of the trouble ticket once it is closed.

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Ah, okay. It doesn't normally take this much to get an answer, but I am glad you got in touch and received an update about your area. Network upgrades should improve the service and my apologies you didn't get that answer when you spoke with us before. I know waiting isn't the most ideal answer, but I know our engineers are continuing to improve our coverage and are working to do so as quickly as we can. For what it's worth, you've been informative, extremely patient, and exceptionally helpful. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the feedback you've given about your experience. I really wish would have gone much smoother for you.

Even though I am far less than pleased about this experience as a whole, the individuals I've worked with in Customer Support (and I include you here, tmo_mike_c) have been pretty consistent in listening to what I have to tell them and taking direct action.  You, for any you, cannot control what is outside your personal sphere of control.

I once worked, many moons ago, for a telecomm giant and have been in retail and waited tables, too.   It is impossible to fix what you don't know about, and most people want to fix what genuinely needs to be fixed, so I do take the time to give feedback, constructive feedback [which is generally not the kind anyone wants to hear, and needs to be delivered forcefully but with respect to the individual receiving it], because it's the only way I have to try to effect change.

I hope that the feedback I've shared does get fed "up the chain" to someone who can effect the necessary changes within T-Mobile itself.   The problem here is not with the individuals I've dealt with, or at least not primarily with them, but with processes.

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That was well said, and I can't thank you enough for sharing the feedback. I agree that getting constructive criticism isn't the easiest pill to swallow, but it's something we embrace here. We know it'll only make us better as a company, and more importantly, better serve people like you that have chosen to be with us. We've got your feedback and we'll work hard to give you the better experience and make our processes as painless as possible.

Ok, I followed britech's suggestion and ran a bunch of speed tests. The biggest take away is that the signal at my place and around my neighborhood stinks. The tests were done within no more than 5-6 mile ratio from my place. I'm including addresses in some cases or at least streets crossing. All addresses and zip codes are for Williamsburg, VA, mostly 23185 zip code. All tests were down without moving and without using any apps etc.

These are around my neighborhood.

  • 4 Bars LTE. 407 Spinnaker way upstairs (close to T-Mobile coverage booster): DL 16.0, UPL 4.29, PING 55MS, JITTER 4.5MS
  • 4 Bars LTE. Same address in another room but 20-20 ft away: DL 19.9, UPL 3.96, PING 59 MS, JITTER 6.7 MS
  • 4 Bars LTE. Same address but downstairs: DL 6.38, UPL 3.90, PING 59, JITTER 8.9
  • 4 Bars LTE. Same address, second test downstairs: DL 15.6, UPL 3.78, PING 59, 8.5
  • 2 Bars LTE. Same address but in the driveway: DL 2.35, UPL 1.73, PING 55, JITTER 7
  • 2 Bars LTE. 101 Spinnaker Way: DL 2.02, UPL 2.57, PING 58, JITTER 8
  • 3 Bars LTE. 609 Schooner Blvd: DL 16.3, UPL 3.66, PING 55, JITTER 8.6

These are all outside my neighborhood.

  • 2 Bars LTE. Sheppard Dr and Hubbard Ln, Zip code 23185: DL 35, UPL 7.84, PING 51, JITTER 7.8
  • 4 Bars LTE. 109 Hubbard Ln: DL 51, UPL 24, PING 55, JITTER 8.4
  • 4 Bars LTE. 842 Merrimack Trail: DL 58.1, UPL 22.2, PING 51, JITTER 8.1
  • 4 Bars LTE. Penniman Rd and Springfield Rd: DL 71.7, UPL 26.3, PING 47, JITTER 15
  • 2 Bars LTE. 4th Street and Sanda Ave: DL 4.16, UPL .54, PING 59, JITTER 20
  • 1 Bar LTE. 4th Street and Mayfield Rd: DL 0.04, UPL 0.00, PING 752, JITTER 1400
  • 4 Bars LTE. 101 Visitor Center Drive: DL 185, UPL 29.7, PING 59, JITTER 7.8 (Almost cry when I see these speeds!!!!!!) I'll say I was surprised here since I rarely see more than one bar when driving around this place.
  • 3 Bars LTE. 101 Visitor Center Drive: Couldn't believe it so I ran a second test: DL 190, UPL 21.6, PING 59, JITTER 5.3
  • 3 Bars LTE. 101 Visitor Center Drive (Third test): DL 187, UPL 25.4, PING 59, JITTER 10
  • 3 Bars LTE. 401 2nd Street: DL 33.1, UPL 7.64, PING 51, JITTER 14
  • 4 Bars LTE. 701-A Merrimack Trail: DL 33.1, UPL 19.6, PING 51, JITTER 6.2
  • 1 Bar LTE. Back to 407 Spinnaker Way Driveway: DL 1.34, UPL 1.06, PING 67, JITTER 210

Another test at 407 Spinnaker Way: 3 Bars LTE. DL 1.20, UPL 1.67, PING 55, JITTE 8.2.

This is getting curiouser and curiouser on my end.

I have found that I can get a 4G LTE speed connection pretty reliably provided I have my phones on the second floor of the house, so that's good.  What's not so good is what's happening if I attempt to use either one (a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a Dougee Y6 Max) as a mobile hotspot.   Even if the phone itself has blazing fast data the hotspot function does not, and by a factor far larger than it should be, as I know the speeds will not match.

As an example, the Y6 has the following when Speed Test by ookla is done directly on it:  P 45     J 4     DL  31.3   UL  12.9

If I am using the device as a mobile hotspot, whether I'm sitting right next to it and my computer indicates it has a perfect WiFi signal or am further away, but still with a strong signal, I am consistently getting figures very similar to the following:   P 59      DL  0.52     UL  0.51  (jitter is not reported on the PC Speedtest app).

The exact same sort of thing is happening with my Samsung Galaxy S7 though, oddly enough, it's best data speeds on the device itself are somewhat lower than the Y6, which I really would not have expected.   It probably has to do with the device size and internal antenna, as the Y6 is much larger than the S7.

This makes mobile hotspot use absolutely impossible, and since the behavior crosses devices (and it doesn't matter if I'm using 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi) it's pretty clear that it's not likely to be the device end of things.

I actually need this stuff to work, as data is more important to me than voice, by far.

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@carlosdia I appreciate you also being so thorough with your testing. I agree that these results lean more toward this being an isolated issue in your specific area. I believe we mentioned you having a ticket as well. Have you reached out to have your ticket updated with these results?

@britechguy these are very interesting results you've got with your hotspot speeds. Have you always seen a decrease in speeds when using the hotspot function? Also, have you tried setting up the device and tethering the data via USB to see if there's a differences and  DL/UL speeds?

The answer to your question is, "Yes, I've always seen a decrease."

That being said, you have to understand that I only got these two lines at the end of June, and between then and now is really the only time period where I've been doing heavy-duty exploration of using the phones as hotspots.

I will almost certainly try USB tethering as part of my testing process, but I want to do some further testing in multiple locations with using the phone as a hotspot with my computer to see if that has any influence on this issue at all.   I opened a ticket yesterday, but am not going to follow-up on it until I have some hard data to follow up with.

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Okay. Thanks for that information.

I also think that's a great idea to collect data in other locations in regards to the hotspot speeds. I appreciate you giving the USB tethering method a shot as well. For ticket's it's always good to give our engineers a few days to work on it. That way, it'll give them some time to check things out and give an update on the ticket.

I did call today but was not provided with a ticket number. I also asked if I needed to provide them with the test results but they say they didn't need them. Should I follow up again with tech support?

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It's good to have those examples in case engineers specifically ask for them. So if you do testing like this in the future, keep the results in your back pocket. Sorry you weren't given the ticket number, but you can always ask for it and they'll give it to you. You'll want to give our engineers at least 3 business days to investigate the ticket and give an update. I'm afraid if you follow up too soon, there won't be any update because the engineers are still working the ticket.

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Hey, @carlosdia​!

I know it hasn't been a full three business days yet, but I just wanted to swing by to see if you have any updates for us.

No uodates. I just another test while displaying full bars and LTE. Below the screen shot. I checked my email and logged into this site without WiFi and it was painful.

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Ouch. 😥 Thanks for the update even though it wasn't pretty. If you stumble upon your ticket number, pass it our way so we can check it out as well.