Slow speeds with Global Plus ONE

  • 19 November 2018
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Creating a new thread to see if we can get this answered.

Several users are experiencing slow speeds when on the Global Plus ONE plan - with this plan, there should be no throttling of international speeds.

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@internationalsam​ Thank you for getting back to me. So basically I had exhausted all my hotspot data usage 5GB, after that speeds were literally crippling at 0.10 Mbps regardless of data being used on phone or as a hotspot. Multiple tickets were filed and each time, nothing wrong in the provisioning. i went to a neighboring country in Europe and sent T-Mobile message from twitter, the T-Force member then reached out to engineering team over the phone and that team refreshed all of the data counters on their end. This is the solution to it. Once they refreshed the data counters, it fixed the problems. Bamm speeds went from 0.10 mbps to 60+ Mbps.

So I hope this helps anyone else who faces this problem.

pfwarrior wrote:

@internationalsam Were they able to resolve it for you after filing the ticket? I have messaged them this screenshot and link to this thread and hopefully they can fix it for me too. If you have step by step guide or info that will be very helpful as I can get T-Force involved.

@pfwarrior​ This was a very specific issue that was strictly related to the way Global Plus plans were provisioned when they were first introduced in November 2018. It was widespread and impacted everyone who switched to this plan when it was announced. If you're currently experiencing data speed issues, it isn't related to this precise problem of the impropoper, mistaken throttling that this particular thread happens to be discussing. I don't doubt that you may be having speed issues abroad, but it isn't related to what this thread is addressing 11 months ago, as this very distinct problem was resolved on November 23 2018 for everyone.

@internationalsam Were they able to resolve it for you after filing the ticket? I have messaged them this screenshot and link to this thread and hopefully they can fix it for me too. If you have step by step guide or info that will be very helpful as I can get T-Force involved.

Do you mind sharing what voice plan you have? I have same data feature of $69.99 but it I have $12.99 flat rate voice plan. Will be great to have just the data only plan. Is your data a plan to replace voice portion or is it a data as a feature?

Well, @wanderbug, the speed on Fi ultimately makes a difference when planning ahead. I've had an unlimited everywhere AT&T international SIM since 2008, @$70 a month (data only). Which has been great, considering I spend ore than half the month outsidethe US. I have been using it in a mifi so my iPhone and iDevices can share the love.

But, this SIM will never be more than HSPA+, due to the APN not being updated any more. So when 5g comes around in the next 12-24 months around the world, this SIM will even be further behind. As will GoogleFi if they don't up their internati al roaming to LTE, then 5g

The T-Mo global plan will keep up with the carriers latest speeds, so that's a consideration for staying with the most current speeds

That is valuable information @internationalsam​. May be this is the root of the problem, when i looked up my IP Address it does not seem like i am using VPN from T-mobile, since i am not very familiar with VPN do you happen to know if i need to do something on my device? I am using unlocked ATT iPhone X, can this be a problem ?

Let me know if i can tag someone with better understanding of the issues, not T-mobile tech team please, all they do is ask me to perform some tasks, and then open a ticket, the engineering team says everything is okay and they close the ticket. More than money its the pain of not having data working, it think it was a mistake to switch

@jeffbharris​ not sure if the Google Fi is LTE or 3G while roaming, but my friend was getting anywhere between 5.5 to 20 mbps which is excellent compared to my 0.01, additionally the plan turns out to be cheaper if you are roaming they charge you $10 per mb only upto 6 gb or so for single line and $20 for talk/text to approx $90 with unlimited everything, i will be paying $45 for line and then another $50 for global plus 15GB which does not work 

You will likely see pigs take flight before you get T-Mobile to retroactively add you to a discontinued plan. It's not as easy as a code.. they simply don't allow it to happen. You can keep on trying, but I doubt anyone even has the authority or capability to add you to the unlimited plan, outside of their executive level support.

The problem was the way the newly introduced plan was provisioned on their end. At a technical level, T-Mobile does not tell other carriers what speed to or to not throttle you at. It simply routes all data traffic through their own network via VPN, and then throttles accordingly. The original problem has since been fixed, so if you still have an issue it's likely unrelated.

Google Fi previously only topped out at 3.5g (HSPA+) outside of America, for the $10/gb. That's why I cancelled it.  Has that since been upped to LTE?

I am pretty confident that T-mobile is messing this up with the partner networks here in India, why am i confident?

1. T-mobiles partner with Vodafone in Mumbai and Pune where i will spend most of my time, my dad is on same network and it works fine for him and it should work same way for me as well since i am on global plus, so technically i have same priority as local customer of the partner network

2. My friend is on Google-Fi and uses an iPhone, which practically means he is on T-Mobile US, he is on same Vodafone Network as i am on he gets 3g to  LTE/4g speeds while we stand next to each other and both have iPhone X

3. May be its just my account that is messed up, but i had network issues in London area as well.

4. I am positive that Google-Fi will be far better option if you plan to roam internationally, and once you are back in the US you are practically T-Mobile if you use iPhone.

5. ATT day pass was far more expensive $10 a day, but everything was unlimited and it worked like a charm in almost all the countries i visited.

It keeps getting worse for me, entire evening yesterday i was not even able to get on any network leave alone data network, i was kicked off the GSM voice network as well. If you call tech support they mostly ask you to reset network setting, refresh line, restart phone etc which never helped because the problem is with T-mobile partnering with local networks, not with you device.


I've been to UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Italy, and.  stopped through Qatar in December, and all speeds have been fine on the 15gb global.

On another note, I have a question

Since I had read the problems when the global plus unlimited was initiated, I didn't sign up. Then it off nowhere they brought it down to 15gb. Now, honestly, domestically I've never used 15gb in a month. But I'm a 20 year customer and feel T-Mo owes me a solid or 2. So I called and asked if they could grandfather the unlimited because of the bad issues initially out of the gate. 2 people tried to help, but said they can't even find the unlimited in their system as an option to add

So I'm thinking to try a couple more times, maybe ask to speak with tech support level 2. There must be a code someone can manually add in.

Does anyone know that code for the global plus one unlimited?

Did anyone ever figure out what the problem is or the fix? I added global plus 15GB and the speeds are still super slow, like not even 2G speeds

I am in India right now, it seems like when T mobile makes change to the account the partner does not seem to know the speeds should not be throttled

As of today, this has finally been resolved for me (in Thailand). Kind of disappointing that it took this degree of effort and campaigning, begging them to look into it further instead of just blaming it on a partner network. Countless hours put into this issue.

I’m heading to Korea in two days, will let you know if everything has been resolved.  The reps I have spoken with claim there is no ongoing issue, and that service is dependent on the local carrier. They don’t even seem to know what this plan is!

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@magenta6875365​ - looks like things are now working.  Post back if you have any more issues...

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I had a hunch that this was something provisioning related.  Introducing a new plan that wasn't fully baked yet - should have been executed better.  Anyway, glad that things seem to be resolved now.  I'll hold off on marking this question answered until we get a little more feedback.  Post back if you are still having issues.

Are you still abroad? Nothing needs to be sent to the phone; the reps that are not aware of this specific system issue will try to send various reset signals etc but those will not do anything. The problem is/was deeply rooted in how the new plan itself was provisioned; whatever system that is responsible for throttling international traffic erroneously grouped this plan in as well.

I am not sure how they disseminate known issues amongst the folks in T-Force but if your rep does not immediately acknowledge it as a known, system issue and attempts various (fruitless) troubleshooting measures, you may have luck referencing ticket 21612073.

Thanks for the info, I am talking to T-Force over Twitter now.  Will this problem fix itself, or does T-Mobile have to send something to our phones to get the daya throttling issues resolved?   Thanks!

Regarding routing through Dallas, this isn't necessarily abnormal. As I had mentioned above, at technical level, TM tunnels all the international traffic through their own VPN back in the states. This is how the throttling is facilitated, the international carriers are not tasked with the speed of each individual TM customers.

In any case, I believe the actual issue of improperly throttling on-device data through the on-device APN has been fixed as of today. I have a followup scheduled with T-Force later today and will report back.

Anyone who purchased a day pass after day pass to alleviate the improper throttling should request these be waived off their bill (mine will).

I can confirm.  Recently returned from a week long trip in Japan, and the speeds were abysmal. My account wont let me add a day pass.  Something is definite messed up here.  Tried to do a speed test, it routed me through Dallas from Tokyo as the closest server.  I was getting 0.01mbs! How can I fix this issue?

Same plan (Global Plus Unlimited)

Two different countries

Two different txts

I meant to include an image in the message. Overall it looks like my line is not being throttled this morning.

To be clear, this is not something that T-Mobile permits iOS users to modify. Apple allows carriers to choose whether or not this setting even appears, and T-Mobile chooses to hide it and block the customer from editing it. Android is a different story, but out of the the box iOS users with a US T-Mobile SIM cannot change this setting.

View and edit your Access Point Name (APN) on your iPhone and iPad - Apple Support

I just did a speed test and I am at least getting 3-4mb/s right now.  It’s an improvement from the 0.1mb/s I’ve been getting for the last few week. I’m currently in Thailand. 

Perhaps others who who have had issues should also try a speed test again. 

It looks like the throttle is off in Rome.[Image]