SMS/MMS messages don't sound a tone

  • 10 August 2020
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For more than a year, more than half of the text messages I receive don’t ‘ping’ when they arrive.

All my notifications are turned on, and I only have a couple of spam callers blocked, but sometimes messages sound a tone, and sometimes they don’t, even from known numbers. Banners do work correctly.

Why do some messages sound a tone and and some don’t? Is it an Apple issue or a T-Mobile issue? Or both?

I’m using an iPhone 6S with the latest iOS and have 2-3 bars of T-Mobile LTE signal strength.

2 replies

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Do you have the issue with specific contacts or just in general?

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It’s totally random. I can even send an SMS to myself and not get a tone one time, and then I’ll get a tone the next time.