So still haveing issues with coverage

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So I have between 4-5 bars of LTE service when the issues of data speeds fall into question. So it is not a signal issue per say. Also same deal with calls i will have excellent coverage but calls will ether drop randomly or when they connect the person can hear me but i can't hear them.

@drnewcomb2‌ I will download the app and run tests around the area when i get a chance. Also  i'm doubtful of it being my device since i'm not the only one suffering from the issues plus i ran tests on other unlocked phones that i own which include the Iphone 6, Note 4, and the nexus 6p which is the device i typically use. I will also have a iphone 7 here soon as well to run further tests.

Finally i do have a booster at my house its the one that is like a mini tower that uses my internet. Although this is nice for when i'm at home and i'm happy its a option its again one of the band aid fixes that i hate. I just want the service to go back to how it was nothing more nothing less. Which means i would be happy to see 5mb down 5mb up that is what i used to get on a regular basis when connecting to the tower in my area.

Also thank you for both you taking the time to try to assist me i am very grateful @drnewcomb2‌ amd tmo_chrisl

P.S. There's very little independent data for Ellwood City and Koppel. If you could download the CellMapper app to that Nexus phone and run the mapping function as you go about your daily drives, it might help.

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So with congestion, our engineers work to optimize the network as much as possible. Sometimes this optimization is not enough and the only way to improve the coverage is with the addition of more sites in the area. Looking at a high-level, I do not see any immediate plans for new sites in the area but I do see that the two LTE towers for your general area are experiencing some downtime. This is something that just started so I don't think it is related to the issues you have had in the past. Our engineers are working to restore LTE services on these towers as we speak.

If you are noticing that your speeds and call quality are taking a dive at the same time that your phone is struggling to maintain signal, then I wouldn't call this a congestion issue. If this is the case, one of our in-home coverage solutions may be a perfect fit for you. What kind of signal are you seeing at the time these problems are happening? 

Just a guess but it appears that you may have a good down-link margin (strong signal) but the phone's transmitter is not strong enough to support the up-link margin. It appears that T-Mobile has not installed band-12 service in this area, which could contribute to the problem. Don't have any ready solutions. Have you looked into one of T-Mobile's signal boosters?

I don't buy "congestion" as a reason. Ellwood city has a population south of 8k and Koppel's population is 762.

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Out of all the calls I have only had two people give me follow up calls. I understand congestion can be a issue but if thats the case then why was it not addressed when the towers were being worked on in my area. Also if its congestion shouldn't it only be during certain parts of the day. I'm not mad per say i get that there is just some things that are out of your control i'm just frustrated. I mean when my area first got LTE it was so beautiful and i was so happy but now the service is as bad as it was when we just had 2g its just terrible and getting my account accredited in the mean time is nice and comforting but doesn't help the root problem.

If you need any extra info don't be afraid to ask i have kept a file of each call made and i have speed tests from different days and times recorded.

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Hey Dennis,

Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. Those speeds look like they could definitely use some help. Looking at the ZIP you provided, I do see that this is a good coverage area but there are not really that many towers that serve the area. With that being said, all the T-Mobile users in the area are most likely connecting to the same tower you are and that can cause congestion and the slow speeds. I know that you said that you had multiple requests filed for you on this but have you received any follow up on these?