Sorry T Moible, the worst coverage, switching back to Verz as soon as i can

  • 13 January 2021
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Sorry T-mobile, switched from Verizon back in June, thought with the new coverage areas etc, and price would be great deal. Boy was i wrong. I live within 5 minutes of Wilminghton NC, and only have one bar. I added a booster to my home ($300) and still only one bar. I work from home and my boss is very unhappy cause my cell service is so bad. If it wasn’t teh $1500 to buy out my phones, i would have switched back. Be warned, there coverage is not as good as they say

2 replies

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I always advise people considering switching to T-Mobile to do  their due diligence first. It sounds like you fell into the trade-in trap. It’s not so bad if you just port over with your unlocked devices. Then if T-Mobile doesn’t work for you, just port back and chalk it up as an experiment with a negative outcome.

When you do port back out, do so just before the end of your billing cycle. T-Mobile does not prorate partial months when you port out or cancel service.


How about using wifi to connect at home?