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  • 7 December 2017
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I have an iphone 6s.  Beginning this morning, whenever I try to send a text message I got a text back stating sorry this service is not available.  I called TMobile customer service and spoke with several people.  I reset network settings, turned off imessage, turned off facetime, etc.  Now, not only can I not send text messages but I can not turn imessage back on, nor can I turn factime back on.    At some point, after the third person, I realized I was now speaking with Apple.  They tried a bunch of things and come to the conclusion that it is a cellular data issue, which is TMobile's problem.  I tend to agree because when I try to turn in imessage it states that I need to turn on cellular data...which is already turned on.   I've been on the phone for almost three hours.  At work.  I need someone to give me a solution to this problem.  Thank you...


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9 replies

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Are you able to connect to a wifi connection or someones hotspot to see if you can turn on I message/Facetime. If your still unable then its something on Apple's end. Also do you know of any other T-mobile customers that are being effected with a similar issue?

Unfortunately I have no WIFI or hotspot access at the moment.  I will have to test that later on.  My co-worker has TMobile and has no problems at all. 

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Are you on carrier version 31.1 on iOS 11.2?

There was a hiccup with the carrier update yesterday. Caused texts to take 5 min to send and call wouldn’t come through.

Had tonget tmobile to refresh my line then reboot phone. I was stuck in 4G.

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If its just you it would lead me to believe it is something to due with your device. Snn555 brought up a possible reason. Do you know how to check what he was asking about? If not just go to Settings --> General --> About Device. Also do you know what device your coworker was using?

The issue seems to have resolved itself.   Not sure how but texting appears to be working properly and imessage and facetime are back on.

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There was a carrier update correction yesterday.

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in and make sure everything was still going well here! 😊 Has the trouble cropped back up, or does it seem to be OK so far?

- Marissa

Hello. My question is before that happened ,  were you using someone else's WiFi ? I ask because someones WiFi that I use , causes my phone to do weird things every time I connect to it . This time , after I left their WiFi , the same thing happened to me that happened to you.

I’m new to T Mobile and just picked up a Galaxy S22+ and this happened with 4 different numbers I tried texting the other day. By chance, I have another phone with A T & T for my business and texts went through with no problem. Very disappointed.