Sporadically not receiving SMS/MMS

I've been having trouble for the past 6 months where I randomly stop receiving messages. This problem has persisted across 2 phones (a T-mobile branded LG G5 and an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8) and appears to happen regardless of which text messaging app I use (stock, Google messages, etc.). On my previous phone I was able to do a factory reset and the problem went away for a few months before coming back. I've had my new phone for less than 3 weeks, so it's absurd to think that it already needs a factory reset. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a long or short text, group MMS, or picture MMS, nor does it seem to matter who sends it, although I only text with a very small number of people. I've enabled delivery receipts on both my wife's and my phones and the SMS shows as having been delivered on her phone, but never reached mine. I don't think this is a backlog either, because I know of messages that have gone weeks without receipt. Neither my number nor any of the people who are trying to text me have ever been registered with Apple iMessage, so it can't be an Apple<->Android issue. Sometimes reboots help, sometimes not. Turning VoLTE or Wifi Calling on or off does not change anything. I'm running out of ideas. This only appears to be affecting inbound messages to my number and is completely unpredictable. I heard today at the T-mo store that network upgrades are happening in my area, but I would expect that to affect my phone and my wife's equally and she does not appear to be missing any incoming messages and that would not explain why this has happened before several months ago. Help me T-mo support, you're my only hope.


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Hey, @knoxjl!

As Mike mentioned above, we need to get a ticket filed for you which can be completed through our Tech Care team or T-Force. Have you filed a ticket yet? If so when and have you received an update regarding it?

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Yikes @knoxjl  this is a super bummer!

We really wanna help you out with this. Are you seeing this happen more with a specific number or numbers? Are you in a certain area when this happens? When folks send you messages, do they get any kind of error message on their end? This could be something we'll need to have a ticket filed for if that hasn't been done already. Please keep us updated on this. Thank you!

There's only 5 or 6 people I text with regularly and I'm aware of messages missing from at least 2 of them. The most recent was a message I did not receive from my wife last night while at my home. I know it occurs at home, at work, and while we were out of town this past weekend, so I've not identified a particular place where it's happening. The senders have also been in different cities and states (and carriers), so there's no pattern in their location either. The sender gets no indication that I did not receive the message. I even turned on delivery notifications on my wife's phone and missed messages are indicated as delivered from her end. I became hopeful that switching back to the stock SMS app had made the problem go away, but I missed messages last night despite switching apps. As far as I know my messages are arriving, but I cannot be certain of that.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for all of the details. Have you also tried removing downloaded SMS apps entirely from the phone to see if messages come through the stock app more consistently? Are you having any troubles keeping a good signal or any issues with calls too? This may be something we'll need to file a network trouble ticket for if we haven't done that already.

Yes, I've deleted the other SMS app and still get random missing messages. I have 4 bars where I am and haven't been having any dropped calls. I don't think anybody has filed a network ticket for me. The folks at the store did note that there's network upgrades going on near my house, but that should affect my wife's phone too and wouldn't explain why I've had the same issue in other places.


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Thanks for giving that a shot. This could be something network related but just on your line. Filing a ticket with examples of these messages failing may be the next step. Have you already spoken with Tech Care? If so, when was it? Might be a good idea to check on the status of those network upgrades.

Hey, @knoxjl!

As Mike mentioned above, we need to get a ticket filed for you which can be completed through our Tech Care team or T-Force. Have you filed a ticket yet? If so when and have you received an update regarding it?

I've had the same problem for about 3 weeks. Some texts go through. Some don't. I've had this phone over a year. I checked and deleted all messaging apps, the problem clearly went deeper. Today I remembered there's the TMobile Digits app and it worked. Old messages that didn't come through popped up from the last 5 days. I posted this update online and a friend told me it may be a problem with my SIM. I'm going to swap out the SIM card tomorrow but for others dealing with this problem, Digits works retreving your missing texts. I've also heard my phone goes to dail-tone sometimes but I'm not super concerned about that. lol

Same problem here - note 8, and I'm in the STL area.

This was actually a done through t-force via their facebook messenger contact.

The best result I was given was that I could pay tax/activation and pick a new phone - they would wave up to $!50 activation fee - but otherwise I pay above that out of pocket, and start a whole new set of EIP payments on a new device. I have not acted on it yet.

That's a lame to ask for new phone and pay for all that.

I am having same issue and missing important text messages.

Calling Philippine customer service has not been fruitful for me in the past as tickets are created and there are no follow ups literally many times.

Unsure what TMobile is doing to resolve this text messages issues.

I also had issue early on my Samsung Edge S6 where default SMS App will not work allow me to use Wifi for Grpup/MMS message; so, I was told to switch to use other app and I ended up switching to Google Message; which is better but now i have this issue of missing important text messages.

Same exact issues 2 different phones. Clever how they get us all to upgrade before realizing...uh oh maybe it wasn't the device...

I've done everything you mentioned above multiple times AND MORE. been on the phone and tmobile msging app (which only works 50% for me) and into a tmobile store. No help. Had this phone since July already did s factory reset. This is ridiculous and is exactly what Sprint did to me before i finally got fed up and got tmobile haha...

Since moving from ATT to TMO 3 months ago we have had an unbelievable number of problems with dropped calls and delivery of sms/mms. Several friends have told us that they sent messages that were never received. Our phones (IOS and Android) have been reset, message threads deleted, network settings reset, new APN settings pushed, experimental APN settings attempted, etc etc but still no permanent resolution. TMO had us install a signal booster but this hasn't helped. I've called tech support at least 8 times. Two techs issued trouble tickets, but still no solution. We can't even send sms or mms to email like we used to because TMO wraps messages with banners, then encodes the message in base64, which makes the message incompatible with some email clients. I've pleaded with them to turn off wrapping and encoding but I was told they can't or won't. The latest tech on Fri Oct 19 told me that it would be best if we relied on iMessage and wifi for message delivery and calling whenever possible. Of most concern is the fact that he said that if the TMO system attempts delivery and if the phone is off or has a poor connection to the network the message will not be delivered and, more importantly, it will be discarded by the system and no re-delivery attempt will be made. Given the number of reports of non-delivery or delayed delivery across a variety of devices, I'm absolutely shocked that TMO hasn't made this issue a priority. Does anyone know of a method of appealing to TMO upper management and technical support to do something about this issue?

This is a consistent problem with the LG phones at T-Mobile. I had the LG V20 and was only receiving text messages through the main phone texting application from others that also had T-Mobile. I had to download a texting app called Textra to use as an alternative to receive my text messages. I just got the LG V40 and have the same issue. There is something about the way the LG phones work with the T-Mobile network that causes texts to get lost. I tried replacing the phone and getting a new SIM card and still had the same problem. The Textra app works great though but T-Mobile really needs to figure out the issue with the LG phones.

I have a Samsung S5 and recently started having issues with dropped texts. Very frustrating. Will need to switch carriers as I have tried support  a couple times to no avail.

Same issue here. T-Mobile is clearly not taking this seriously enough. We need to revolt.

I’m having somewhat the same problem I’m receiving MMS Messages super late around 11 or more hours late! WHAT’S GOING ON?! I have an IPhone 11 so it’s tough to believe that i would need to upgrade my phone.