Sprint to TMobile Sim question

  • 11 October 2021
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Recently moved to TMobile after having Sprint for 20+years.  I was told that my service would be better than ever because I would have both networks.  I have iPhone XS Max.  The young lady at TMobile put a sim card in my iPhone.  Now, at home my service is not as good.  On a recent road trip, I had no service at all of any kind from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas, NV.  

I have been reading on the problem, and checked my phone to see if it is set to switch networks is.  I turned that off and tried each network listed, including Sprint.  I got no bars at all for anything.  At home, I just checked the same way and only got bars for TMobile but not Sprint.  

Is it possible that she gave me the wrong sim card?  Or did I get sold a bill of goods when she told me the service would be better?  If it is going to be this bad, we can’t continue with TMobile.

Thank you for any help you can give, or who I should call?


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