Substantial Data Throttling on Unlimited Plus Prepaid Plan

  • 2 December 2020
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So I’m going to get straight to the point here, I purchased T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plus Prepaid plan last week and I’m already being throttling 30 gigabytes in. My download and upload speed both reach an average high of 0.50 mbps to an average low of 0.13 mbps. This is almost unusable and completely not what I intended to pay for. I purchased this plan for use with my Galaxy S20 FE 5g and would hover around 30 mbps down when I first purchased it and it was perfect for completing my university’s school work. I have contacted customer support many times and they have been very kind attempting to help me resolve this but nothing has worked so they ended up crediting me $25 towards my next payment. My question is, why should I even continuing renewing this plan if I’m being throttled after the 4th day? A fix would be highly appreciated but from what I have tested “fixes” seem few and far between. From what I have found online there has been many people with my exact problem, albeit the posts are quite dated, and they all have different suspicions of what may have caused this. One post that stuck out to me was that a user by the name of jkreally stated that after he used all of his hotspot data both his hotspot and cellular speeds were being throttled. In other words, his cellular data had the same speeds from what he would expect from his hotspot being throttled. Personally I have already used my 10 gigabytes allocated for my hotspot and have a grand total of 30 gigabytes used. Customer service has stated that I shouldn’t see reduced speeds until I reach 50 gigabytes but obviously something is off. My apologies for this rant and congratulations for reading this far, I’m just writing this so that there is a post to date so that others with the same problem may see it and maybe we can all collectively find the cause and a “fix”.

Also before all of the tmo_ “heros” hit me with their copypasta along the lines of:
“We certainly want you to get the fastest speeds possible. You should take a look at our Slow Internet troubleshooting page for important info about our speeds as well as ways to troubleshoot this issue.”

I have, please stop spamming me... ;-;


What I have found out/tried so far:
-APN resets, network resets/refreshes, turning off WIFI, and all that hooboo dooboo doesn’t fix anything.                                              I don't have WIFI :(

-My physical mobile hotspot that also uses T-Mobile towers is throttled at exactly the same speed as my phone and its built-in hotspot. (This led me to believe that is was the towers but I still need to look into this.)

-Still looking into this hotspot data usage conspiracy by jkreally, close but no cigar.

-I get full bars of LTE connecting to either of the two T-Mobile towers around me but still get throttled all the same.

-Everywhere I drive to have the same exact speeds

-I’ve tried to insert my sim card into other compatible phones but the throttling was worse… ._.

-T-Mobile is sending their infamous “engineers” to go stake out at the suspected crime scene but from what I have seen in other’s posts, this won’t do anything.

I am open to suggestions and will probably appreciate any input on this topic, thanks!

Resources: (This one is heart wrenching, this man got smacked by the troubleshooting ploy) (The start of the hotspot conspiracy) (this guy’s problem seems to be congestion, still pretty useful) (Another unsolved article addressing my problem, I’m heartbroken ;-;) 

6 replies

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Try turning your hotspot completely off so that your phone can’t find it (or hide it in that leftover ball of foil from that Thanksgiving turkey). Then, try your phone speeds.:thinking:


I have now completely isolated my physical hotspot from my phone. Going as far to take the battery out and wrapping it in aluminum foil, once again no cigar. :pensive:
@sweetpeach I truly appreciate the suggestion nevertheless.

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I wondered if your phone was connecting to the hotspot (closest, best connection) and, therefore, was throttled by the hotspot itself.

I really think you need to sit down (with plenty of work to do while on “HOLD”) and call Tmobile, request an expert (tech) and stick it out until you run into a guru who has the ability to FIX IT.


As a final relay regarding this problem the best “solution” that the gurus and I came up with was to purchase a new plan, specifically a postpaid plan so they had to ability to refund me if it did not fix the problem. They completely covered the initial $30 fee and gave me a month free. This is supposedly a extraordinarily rare system bug that only happens to a select few T-Mobiles users. So far the only solution, as depressing as it is, is to ditch your current account. I hope this post reaches everybody else who has the same problem.

It's a conspiracy to force people into purchasing/using a brand new 5G device. I had fantastic speeds and never an issue with my Galaxy S8 (bought it via pre-order promotion years ago) I'd regularly get about 60 Mbit downloads and 15-20 Mbit uploads. Now I have a OnePlus7T and about the best I can get is 3.2 kb/s. My wife has the Galaxy S9 and my sister-in-law the iphone XR and they have the same problems. I've tried all the standard, prescribed fixes to no avail and I highly doubt that it's any kind of network congestion because I live in the same tiny North-Western AZ town that I did years ago when my speeds were amazing, before 5G. Therefore I've gotta believe that the only thing it could be is my conspiracy theory....and it's not just TM doing it either but all of the carriers I'd bet! 😁😉


Ive had same issue. Plus i bought oneplus nord n10 5g a 40$ case and the unlimited plus plan cash and 5 days later same thing. Ive switch to 4g LTE and same thing. I spent 600$ to get screwed down to .50mbps (1/2mbps) after 4 days. Im so bummed out and angry and disappointed and frustrated and all that. I wanna rip my hair out. And sounds like they wont make it right. Jus do something small to try to save face for screwin me. Im gonna figure something out. Im not gonna let this go