Sudden drop in performance

  • 29 July 2021
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I’ve been averaging around 15mbps down on my TMO home internet.  The last few weeks performance has been non existant or super slow.  A call to TMO tech support only yielded a “be patient, it might improve” response.  Since I am severely non-technical, can anyone make sense of these numbers and spot anything unusual or fixable? Many thanks!


2 replies

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Hey, we can totally understand not being super tech savvy so I’ll give you some info. Our Web Gateway User Interface (GUI): T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway page has a breakdown of some of the acronyms and what they mean. You should check that page out. 


The biggest thing to keep an eye on for improvement is the speeds you’re seeing with a speed test, which it looks like you’re already familiar with. You can always use the T-Mobile Home Internet troubleshooting as a guide for common steps on how to help with internet issues. However, if we determine our engineers will need to get involved, we’ll need to file or check on an existing Trouble Ticket to see next steps for a resolution for the issue. Our Tech Care team can look this up for you and escalate it appropriately.

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Those stats look not so good.  Rssi worse that -80dBm is not good. RSRP is not great either.  SiNR is ok, as is RSRQ.  I'm guessing not too heavy usage area, but not close to a tower.




Unless you're in a heavily congested area, or something is off, you should be able to pullat least 50Mbps, and if it's a decent site, with no traffic,  we'll over 100.

For comparison,  I'm using B66, 20MHZ  as well (forced)

RsRP -104dBm,


RSRQ -6.. 

1300’ from a lightly used cell,  100 Mbps down 28 up.

As signal strength drops,  so does perf.