T-Mobile abandoning 4G customers!

  • 27 August 2020
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T-Mobile has “upgraded” all of their antennas for 10 miles around my home to 5G rendering my 4G phone useless! All I get is the message “No voice service is available at your location”. I don’t even have the old 4G phone completely paid for! The only service I have at home is through my cable company Wi-Fi, so why am I still paying T-Mobile? I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay $500 for a new phone! We’ve been thrown out like the baby with the bath water!

We have been enhanced out of business! 

If anyone from T-Mobile would like to refute this, I’m more then happy to listen!



4 replies

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That’s strange. Adding 5G should not affect 4G service at all.

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That’s strange. Adding 5G should not affect 4G service at all.


yeah..3G i can see being yeeted but not 4G..especially since 4G is the fall back


out of curiosity..how far out is the OP having issues? when they travel across town are they still not seeing 4G? to many questions with to little of info to go off of.

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I agree with drnewcomb. Tower upgrades shouldn’t do that. Have you tried any troubleshooting to see if that helps? Do you know anyone else in your area that’s having the same issue?

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Don’t forget… T-Mobile may claim ‘4G’ as HSPA+ while 3G is UMTS (effectlvely same technology… w/o higher speed data).  If there is a push to ‘VoLTE’ only, or …. 4G on AWS (eg. Ventura county) - your phone may not be compatible. 

If your old phone is not VoLTE compatible… you have have a different issue as well (eg. old iPhone 6)