T Mobile and the principle of Cyber Security

  • 12 May 2022
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I’ve been a T Mobile customer coming up on a year now and while I am very happy with the level of service and coverage while travel in CONUS and OCONUS there is one thing that gives me pause.. Why does T Mobile keep getting intruded on by actors/hijackers and other script kiddies. 

Let’s start with the obvious, T mobile by the numbers is now the #2 wireless provider in the United States which does make it a target for intrusion, however Verizon being the #1 wireless provider does not (publicly at least) seem to have its systems and other customer data stolen, so let’s ask the question.. Why? Why does it seem that T Mobile is the poster child and whipping boy for cyber hacks. 

I understand that methods to secure the accounts (2FA, Takeover protection etc..) is a good start, but in what other ways is T Mobile protecting my information that I was required to give them during account creation like Driver license information and social security?, I obviously know the answer as to the why, but we TRUST that T mobile has the proper provisions in place to protect our personally identifiable information and other information that is important. 

It’s past time that T Mobile look long and hard at rebuilding their cyber security protections as their numbers continue to grow, not only for new customers but for existing customers as well. 

T Mobile is no longer the scrappy underdog that it used to be, and I used to DOG the T Mobile network back in the day, T mobile is major player now and it’s time (and past time) to start looking at cyber protections more seriously, because finding out that your PII and other information has been stolen from YouTube is bad customer service… 

And if anyone from T Mobile social admins are reading this, Auto-correct screwed me over with my username on there.. so, Help? 



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