T-Mobile Connect strong signal, very poor call quailty?

  • 5 January 2021
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I switched to t-mobile connect last month after being a verizon postpaid customer for a long time. I expect to make sacrifices with my t-mobile connect plan. I expect to get slower data speeds and stuff like that, and maybe a dropped call from time to time. 


Today I tried to make multiple calls from the same location, and it was just pure static and breaking up constantly, until the call dropped after about 20 seconds. I only let it drop one time, but each time I tried calling back it was just choppy static. I was between a tower, and an intersection where there are multiple small cells on top of, and next to telephone poles. I was closer to the small cells, so I think I was connected to one of them. I might go back to that location with network signal lite and do more digging on the signal quality.


I guess my question is, has anyone else with t-mobile connect experienced very poor call quality with a strong signal? This really caught me by surprise. I can live with slow data, but if my phone can’t even make calls with a seemingly strong signal, that’s a problem.


5 replies


I went back tonight at around 7:30pm. I’m going to have to try and make more cellular calls away from home during the daytime, I want to see if something like this happens again.


When I went back, everything was fine, but it was also after business hours and I think there was less load/traffic on the network. Signal looked fine when I went there again, speed test was really good, and I did another test call to the same place and it was fine.. Also, it was a car dealership I was trying to call. Thinking it’s unlikely their phone system was the culprit.



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Yes.  While I haven't had actual calls drop, I have been in areas (San Simeon CA), with -65dBm RSRP and SINR of 30 with B71 and B2 … speeds were less than 1Mbps. 

The only place that I had real issues where calls were unusable and data was as bad, was Estes Park, CO.  Calls to CS ended up having to go to text only, on T-MOBILE app, which couldn't stay connected. Speed tests came up with +90% packet loss.  They gave me an 8 month ETA to fix

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I & my family have been on Tmobile Connect since May and we love it! Finally, a plan for those mostly covered by Wifi. The only time I had any problem connecting to the towers, I just restarted my phone and everything worked perfectly again. We live near a big metroplex in Texas and rarely have any connection issues…. ever.

I don’t believe your issues are plan related since my Samsung Note 20 Ultra always gets the expected 5G connections. Probably the speed problem was due to congestion or tower upgrades...a lonely, yet COVID friendly, job! :wink:

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Where I currently am I don't have many issues, with a T-Mobile and Sprint site about 2000’ away, and 3 more a little over a mile away

Issues are typically during upgrades when bànd handoffs don't often work well.


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there should be a Company specific app which gives you a status update and rates your call.  They know what their system is doing, they just do not want to let you know….it is irresponsible and shady how they deal with these issues, considering the cost of both the devices and the service…..you know the TELCOs  in Europe are much more transparent and provide better service at cheaper costs.  We enable them to take advantage.  With only three carriers it will get worse.