T-Mobile coverage maps updated.... more accurate, less 'coverage'

  • 24 July 2020
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It has literally taken 5 years for T-Mobile to ‘properly’ update their coverage maps to showing service that actually is .. vs service that looks good for sales.

I have been covering this with a quite a few tickets, and a handful of calls through BBB and T-Mobile’s ‘Office of Executive Management’.  This wasn’t a ‘you must build’, but a ‘either build it, or fix the shown coverage’, as it is innacurrate.

T-Mobile staff is much more pleasant than that of the OEM, as OEM literally HAS to make a statement...which typically ran along expected statement of “the coverage is as expected in that area, if you wish to take your service to another carrier, we can assist you in that effort”.

Fortunately, I’m assuming that something has happened at T-Mobile to force a change in plan for this.

  1. Sprint customers cannot roam on Verizon (voice) or AT&T in many places anymore, and T-Mobile’s coverage is showing up as … non-existent where it should have ‘some’ form of service.
  2. T-Mobile wants some sympathy from state/local goverment to deploy where it really doesn’t have service, and needs to actually deploy.  Also - states like California have timelines and regulations.
  3. T-Mobile wanted to show it had great coverage ‘before’ the merger.. Now its just being more accurate, and John is not there to hype.
  4. This coverage change isn’t shown on the ‘5G’ coverage map (which is the primary map when you select ‘Coverage’… sneaky.

Top image - July 4, 2020.   Green = ‘No Service’

Bottom image - July 23, 2020 less service… even though LTE 700/LTE 600 was deployed in .. April 2020. 

From my personal experience - the bottom map in this area is quite accurate.


3 replies

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Better but still somewhat exaggerated coverage estimates. However, a step in the right direction, I guess.

how do I remove the SCREEN LOCK ON MY PHONE.I'm 81 yrs old and losing my sight.  I can not keep doing it. release the LOCK or I will cancel my account. thank u.

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screen lock? you mean to get into your phone without having to do any passwords or codes? that would be in the settings of the phone itself..it isnt carrier specific