T-Mobile Heavy Throttling On Pre-Paid Account

  • 20 February 2020
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I posted about this before, no real change. One web page will come up at a reasonable speed, then internet either blocked, or may come back in a few minutes. Solid 4G coverage. Doesn’t matter what location, how many days into the billing cycle, and doesn’t matter what the time of day is. T-Mobile’s severe throttling is similar to how Hughes Satellite hoses their customers by slowing them down the more the customer(s) use the service. But T-Mobile is now forcing those of us who paid for full speed 4G service, to something close to 2G (email can take a long time, and web browsing is impossible).

9 replies

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Just so I'm on the same page, are you having data speeds that are slower than normal? If so, can you run a speed test and let us know what results you're getting?

I am sorry but that is just outright wrong, it is nothing like satelite which I have had. This is the only phone company I have seen that didn't just out right lie about service. I have the unlimited data, and I was curious about the throttling, which states that on a unused tower they dont throttle. This is 1000 percent true, I am at like 55gbs, i purposefully downloaded a game 40 times to hit the cap. I have 2 cell spots which use my internet, and I am the only one on them, and I asked customer service what would happen if I hit the cap and they told me nothing if the tower isn't in use.  Which is 100 percent accurate, I dont get capped at all on my cell spots. I drove up on my hill to catch their 5g signal, at like 8 am, mind you I live in the woods, and there was no one on it. I got the normal 30 mbps down i get on top of my hill, and the normal 20 to 100 mbps my cell spots.

They didn't lie about the hotspot data either, at my 3gbs it capped it around 400 to 600 kbps, and the upload isn't capped at all which I get 60 mbps.

I had satelite internet about 2 years ago, once I hit my cap they slowed it no matter who was on. Then verizon scammed me when they first got unlimited our, told me it was unlimited. I used about 600 gbs a month on it, mind you I only got 3g speeds. They banned me from their service and expected me to keep paying them.

I am supposedly not at my limit yet, but same here! Speeds have been 0.56 Mbps download and 0.56 Mbps uploads for the last couple of hours, happened yesterday as well. I called t-mobile yesterday, and as I was talking with customer service, the speed came back for some reason. Just tested again, the same old slow speed. Anyone with any answers yet? My area code is 417 in Missouri.


No, NOT resolved.


No, itdefbechill, this routine doesn't work with me. Troll somone else.


mars735, I'd sure like to see an answer to your question, too.

T-Mobile now has my inbound service blocked, too. Friends and family can't reach me. T-Mobile is still demanding payment on time, while blocking us from using the services we paid for.


Heavy throttling, down to about 100k, completely unusable. T-Mobile is completely useless here in NW New Jersey after the storm. And with only 1 day into the billing cycle.


BTW, while heavily throttling my data for the past two days (after the tropical storm hit NJ), T-Mobile was also blocking my inbound text (sms) and voice calls. I had to travel a few towns east for something, and all the delayed texts arrived, and inbound voice calls were working again. Went home, and everything stopped again. My device is working fine, T-Mobile’s network is not.

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so are you in an area where the storm affected you guys?