T-mobile wingman/Managed wifi settings on iPhone

  • 24 October 2022
  • 2 replies


Why do I have two managed wifi settings on my IPhone? When I remove the SIM card they disappear. There is no way to delete them nor forget network. Every time I reset network settings they reset to auto-connect?  

I have extracted the script of one of the managed settings and its concerning it contains the verbiage to bypass MAC randomization, create a captive portal, and hide it from me the user? 



2 replies

I’ve been wondering this myself as I also have the same two managed wifi networks listed on my phone. 

  • If the TMobileWingman Wi-Fi profile appears on a customer’s device when selecting Wi-Fi a Wi-Fi network, instruct customers to ignore this option.
  • The TMobileWingman profile was a pilot wi-fi network leveraged to be simplify connectivity when using T-Mobile In-Flight Connection.
  • Selecting the TMobileWingman profile does not provide any connectivity.
  • Teams are working to remove this Wi-Fi profile, which could take up to 4-10 months and will require a new iOS update.