T-mobile won't work on ATT but Sprint DOES ! why? and how can I switch to a Sprint account

  • 21 September 2020
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I do work in the West Texas desert quite often  The  ONLY  Cell service is AT&T, so I have to get a prepaid ATT phone tu use while out there.

Yesterday while onsite a co-worker was using his SPRINT phone with zero issues roaming on AT&T !


WTF??   Why is the “new guy”  able to use his service on MY carrier, but I’m NOT.

How do I SWITCH to SPRINT ???

2 replies

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You can find a Sprint Store to switch or to purchase a separate SIM if you want an entirely separate service.  There aren’t many left though.  

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Sprint’s roaming system is not long for this world. T-Mobile is loathe to pay for unequal roaming deals.One reason Sprint couldn’t make it was that so much of their income went to paying roaming partners.

I keep a PagePlus PAYG phone for service when I’m out of T-Mobile native and roaming coverage. (I don’t know how much longer PagePlus will offer PAYG, since Verizon bought its parent company, TracFone.)

You need to do the math and decide if T-Mobile offers you the coverage you need or not. Unlocked T-Mobile phones work pretty well on AT&T and MVNOs operating on AT&T’s network.