Text messages are delayed sending and receiving

  • 3 January 2018
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When I receive a text message, I often get it and it shows 5+ minutes old. Its even been in excess of a day - this when I have plenty of signal and can make voice calls and use data without issue. I use the standard stock Messaging app. I also have delays sending messages. It spins and spins and a reboot rarely helps.

I'm using a S5. I deleted all the messages, no change. It has been factory reset with no change. I used to have a Note 4 with the same issue.

My zip is 30005. I have been having this problem for over a year. I've ignored it mostly because I got told about service improvements in my area and promised a booster that never arrived.

But now the delays are causing me great pains because more and more websites are using SMS for 2-factor and a message that takes over 4 minutes to arrive DOES NOT WORK for 2-factor as the code expires before I receive the message. So I now need this figured out.


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67 replies

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No, I'm using an s5 currently. This is most certainly NOT device related. I use VERY FEW apps. No Facebook, no games, no unknown apps. Only a couple very well known apps like Robinhood and Waze. It's not an app causing this because like I said in my original post, I have HARD RESET and the issue STILL occurs. AND it's not just me. It's my ENTIRE family, and my coworker, and everyone else I talk to that has Tmobile in this area.

Forgive my bluntness and annoyance. I've been down this road repeatedly with more than 1 device. IT"S NOT THE DEVICE!

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So no-one has any insight into this?

I've been with T-mobile since 2012 through some good and bad, but I cannot deal with these delayed texts any longer - they are preventing my use of certain sites which is impacting me financially now. I will have to leave if this isn't fixed.

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Yes, it is with more than just the 2-factor auth; it's just that is the most important reason I need them not to be delayed.

Yes, it happens with all senders. Occasionally texts will come in without delay, but most of the time it's in excess of 5min.

Delays also happen with me sending to others.

It also happens whether I am on 4G or WiFi.

Also after talking with my family, all 4 phones on my account have the same issue. Seems clear that this is an account issue or T-mobile network problem and not a problem with an individual phone or individual line.

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It is pointless to talk to support - they have no clue and is a complete waste of time. I have a coworker that has been dealing with support for a year on this and gone through 4 Tmobile provided phones (S5, an LG, something else, and an S7 which is the latest) in that year because of this. I have also been discussing with others who have Tmobile, and everyone I talk to has this issue with delayed text messages. So obviously this is not a device issue but a network issue.

My coworker has also decided to drop Tmobile due to it.

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How do you know it's not being complained about? Furthermore, how do you know lots of users aren't just ignoring it as I did for a year before starting this thread? As I stated in an earlier post I didn't complain about it for over a year because it was a minor annoyance, until now when so many sites use SMS for 2-factor auth.

Stating you haven't been here with it is understandble, however you can read the full thread here and see everything that's been discussed. I covered much of what I've re-stated in my last few posts in my original post.

Additionally, your earlier assertion that being on WiFi and having issues with SMS would eliminate the network is incorrect. It could eliminate the Cellular connection, but not the entire Tmobile network. It is obviously something Else with the Tmobile network, not necessarily the cellular connection as I can make calls and use data with no problem.

It seems more like a capacity problem with the SMS servers and or services due to the intermittent nature of the issue and how it occurs despite good cellular connection and also while on WiFi.

My wife and I both have samsung galaxy s5 and have had the same issue for about a year now sending and receiving text messages to eachother and other people on and off the tmobile network. This is so frustrating. Calls are not impacted just texting.  This is really making us not happy...we have deleted messages, taken off the apps...not working keep getting delays...just had one take 4 minutes to go thru just now....ugh!!!!!!

PLEASE get working on this tmobile!!!!!!....

Just to confirm that this has been affecting me too. For months.

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Yikes! Delays are no good and we certainly want to fix this for you. Is this only happen with 2 factor verification messages? If so, does it happen with one or multiple senders? Since this is happening on multiple devices, this may result in the need to file a Trouble Ticket.

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I still have mine for now; but I'm certainly looking at my options. If you're help is going to be device related though, I'm not interested as I'm certain it's a network problem now. I've already done everything device related that can be done; including modifying the APN settings to recommended, both by Tmobile and others. The mobile groups recommendations actually work slightly better than Tmobile's recommendations, but it's still a constant problem trying to send/receive.

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Very cool, as a fellow customer I thank you for taking the time and effort to email John. If this is a network issue then it will be good to have fixed for everyone. Also you had me get really excited when you said you do IT work since I'm a IST major at Penn State. So some day in the future I will also be in the field.

People still seeing the delay? Any solution yet?

Nope. I have group texts delayed with both iPhone 7 plus and X when there is a non iMessage number in the group text. Messages are delayed for hours and then all coming in at once.

My wife and I both have samsung galaxy s5 and have had the same issue for about a year now sending and receiving text messages to eachother and other people on and off the tmobile network. This is so frustrating. Calls are not impacted just texting.  This is really making us not happy...we have deleted messages, taken off the apps...not working keep getting delays...just had one take 4 minutes to go thru just now....ugh!!!!!!

PLEASE get working on this tmobile!!!!!!....

Just an update - in my case, it did appear to be short codes were not activated for some reason. I was getting SMS from people, but not from banks and such.

The issues started recently, so it seems there must have been an account change at some point. Since contacting T-Mo and getting a rep who knew what they were doing, SMS seems fine.

As of 1/21/2021, I have also been having this problem...who knows for how long. I noticed it for approximately the last year. 
it is starting to affect my work now! I literally received a message like 10 hours later. If T-Mobile can’t fix this problem I will be switching the service 

So, wanted to provide an update but I really don't have much in the way of good news. I did open a trouble ticket and it really went nowhere. T-Mobile support sent a text, I got it. They then asked me to text myself. I did so and that worked. Then they said they would call me back in a few days to see if I had noticed any further issues. When they called I told them I didn't notice any issues but I am not going to start physically typing in time stamps and comparing send and receive times on my family and friends' phones.

SMS shortcode, 2FA, and numerous time sensitive texts have failed to deliver or be received in a timely manner, if at all. Calls are going straight to voicemail without the phone ringing. I actually had to explain to my boss that I was not ignoring him but that I did not get his text until 5 hours later. In short, this is getting out of hand and I'm really not sure that I can justify keeping T-Mobile. Not trying to be dramatic or anything but I am the emergency contact for my family and I need to know that when I have good cellular service in a major metro area that I can be reached. Right now, I do not believe that to be the case.

T-Mobile, if you're listening, I've been with you for a long time but if you don't meaningfully address this issue we are going to have to go our separate ways. Contact me if you're serious about addressing this.

I'm on the new one plus 7 pro and not even 2 feet from my wifi router using TMobile data and wifi 5g active and still have the sending messages issue explain that bs

I’ve just started having this happen in the last week or so, and it has quickly gotten a lot worse. Most of my attempts to text family or friends have just...sat there. I’ve tried the hard reboot, switching from wi-fi to 5G and back to wi-fi, atc., and it doesn’t help. My phone is a moto g stylus 5G, got it a couple of months ago, and it was fine, until very recently. My “ancient” LG K7 (?) that I used for several years was a LOT simpler and more reliable! I’m about to switch back to it, if the SIM card would switch back to it!  


I've started having this issue

Well that sounds frustrating!  Just a thought that may, or may not help.  I recently had a similar issues on one of the devices on my account, a Moto G5 Plus.  Obviously this is not a T-Mobile branded device, but it's compatible.  Usually when the T-Mobile sim card is used there's no need to go in and manually set up the APN, but in my case, doing so resolved the issues.  Instructions are here:  BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings 

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We wanna help turn this around for you and your family. Have you already filed a Trouble Ticket for this? That is the next steps to get our engineers involved to get this taken care of.

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Hey there, @kyferez​. I'm with Mike on this -- a Trouble Ticket is going to be the way our Tech team can alert the folks in engineering that we need to take a look at the network and try to get to the bottom of this. I know these past few weeks aren't exactly the calmest of the year, so if you haven't had a chance to yet, that's OK! When you are able to reach out -- either by calling Tech Care or by contacting T-Force on Twitter or FB, it might be helpful to already have a few examples ready. Basically, to initiate traces, we'd may need to have you report the number the message is coming from and the time that it arrives vs the time stamp on the message itself. Please let us know how this goes! Thank you. 😊

I just switched a month ago, I have a iPhone 7 plus and I'm noticing that my messages, sometimes a group, are not received until the next day. Is there a setting I need to change now that I have the new service, please help!

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Are these messages coming from specific numbers or carriers? Have you already tried clearing out unneeded messages from your phone to see if the messages come in more smoothly?

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Did you end up dropping T-mobile or did you still want help. I just now saw the thread and would still like to help if I can.