Text messages are not sending...

  • 29 March 2019
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I am able to receive text messages but none are going through.  It just says message failed to send.  I have tried being connected to the wifi and without but I still have a strong signal. Full bars.  I have tried restarting my phone and that did not help.



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26 replies


Thanks tmbileuser.  Installed google messages & use it instead of the messaging app that pre-installed on my LG phone fixes the problem. 


This worked for me as well, even though it doesn’t really sound right having to download another messaging app. Many thanks to tmbileuser

Very frustrating situation when text messages don’t get sent and just get stuck “sending.” Also more frustrating with 2FA and OTP (one time passwords) I wasn’t receiving texts either, which basically keeps you from accessing your accounts waiting for a OTP that never comes. I’ll share what worked for me and maybe it’ll work for you too. No guarantees, of course. I have an LGQ7+. I tried this yesterday 12/09/2020. 

I’ve been using the textra app for text messaging. After being on the phone with T-mobile tech support 3 or 4 times they tried having me clear some caches and restart my phone a couple times. It didn’t work and left tech support with no solution. But when I combined their tips with tmbileuser’s trick it worked. 

I turned off WiFi and bluetooth for all this. Under apps and notifications, app info, find the “carrier services” app, click storage, clear cache, wait a couple seconds and then clear data. Wait a couple seconds and then restart phone. You can also try a “force stop“ in there too before resetting phone. I did that at least once, just can’t remember when I did it. Test and check text messaging after phone comes back on and finishes booting up.

If that still doesn’t work. Do the same thing under your factory text messaging app. Just make sure you convert your text messaging app to the factory default app first, so it’s “supported by T-mobile.” For me and my phone “messaging” is the factory LG app. After making it my default text app I click storage, clear cache, clear data, restart phone as before. Then test text messages again. If it works for you, great, done deal. 

Didn’t work for me. After doing those two things a couple hours later I stumbled upon this forum desperately trying to find a solution. I downloaded the “google messages” from the play store as prescribed. As soon as the app was downloaded, I went to open it from the play store screen and within 30secs text messages started coming in. I just opened the app mind you. I didn’t even set it up and accept permissions yet. Things started working. At this point, I’m assuming you could delete the app if you wanted to and move on with your life. I decided to keep it and replace my textra app. Google Messages seems to have more features. 

This all begs the question… what did the Google Messages app do in the background to fix this problem? Maybe it did something to reconfigure or fix carrier services app?

One shouldn’t have to (be forced to) download Google Messages just to get their text messaging to work on their phone. I hope it’s not another Google take-over plot going on. 

Hope this helps someone. And I hope to not have this problem again.