Text messages not coming through

  • 16 September 2020
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Hi, so I have and use two different phones, one week I may use my OnePlus 7 Pro and the next my OnePlus 8, I just swap sim cards when I'm ready to switch to another phone and everything use to work fine. Now I'm finding out that when I switch to a different phone I'll get most of the messages people said they sent me on that phone while before when I was using one of my phones and someone said they had texted me and never heard back I just thought the text didn't come through since I am getting most my texts from people but like I said when I switch back to my other phone, and all the other notifications had come through I'll also notice that the missing messages come through too, so it doesn't matter what phone I'm using, it seems that I get most my texts while using one phone then I get complaints from people saying I never texted them back but then when I switch phones and all the notifications come pouring through I'll see some text messages that I never received while using my other phone. I hope I explained that so it's understandable, I hope someone can help cuz I don't know what texts I'm missing since I get most of them fine but there's always a few that come through when I switch to one of my other phones. Why wouldn't all my texts come to the phone I'm using at the time, the phone with my sim card in it and the only one powered on? Why do only a few go to my other phone that's not even powered on or has my sim card in it? Thanks in advance!

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hard to say. I have given this suggestion before and it could help. on both phones, one at a time with the sim card and no wifi, download messages, allow everything including chat features. once it’s active and going, turn on wifi for a minute or so. then do the same for the other phone and see how they behave.


if you do use messages, disable chat features, restart the phone and repeat the steps above.


something in chat features on messages, it corrects the android on how you receive or send data/texts and mms stuff. good luck :]