Texting Issue

  • 20 September 2020
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To begin, I currently have a Galaxy S10 Plus, originally from the Verizon network (I don’t think that is the issue).

So we just made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile approximately two weeks ago and unfortunately I’ve had an array of issues since then that were thankfully resolved for the most part when a representative reset my network. I forgot to mention to them though that there is at least one person (that I know of at least) that I cannot receive text messages from for some reason. They receive my text messages just fine, but no matter what I do I cannot receive theirs.

I can receive phone calls from them just fine, and vice versa.

I’ve switched up my messaging application.

I’ve checked everywhere possible to make sure he wasn’t blocked, and vice versa.

I’ve completely reset my phone.

I reset my network again.

Did my phone not like the switch and now its garbage, or is there something else going on? The phone is basically in new condition, has been in a case since day one, and has rarely ever been dropped.

Another friend of mine experienced something similar when they switched to a different carrier, they had to get a hold of a representative to ‘manually port’ their account over because for some reason it didn’t work automatically. I’m hoping this isn’t the issue and someone, somewhere, has some kind of magic fix for me.

2 replies

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Most problems I’ve seen on this board like yours is the sender is using an iPhone with the native sms app and Android doesn’t have the app.


I didn't even think about including that, we're both Android users..