Texting issues when connected to WiFi

  • 28 August 2018
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I've been having an issue for about a week now where as soon as my phone connects to Wifi, I begin having issues sending and receiving text messages. I've been having the same issue as well as my Girlfriend, her Mom, and her Daughter all having the exact same issues when on WiFi. This includes 4 different phones, 3 different Samsung models and an iPhone. All T-Mobile devices. This issue seems to only be with text messaging. No issues with calls or any type of Data or internet related App. Just sending and receiving text messages.

I called support last week because I was certain this was a known issue for many people, but was told it was not. I went through all the trouble shooting steps with the team and nothing they could do seemed to fix the issue. I cleared my cache, checked my data to ensure it was all setup correctly, I'm even now using a brand new Note 9 and still having the same issues. When I called originally I was using my s7 Edge.

I've taken a few photos where you can see the change.

When you're not on WiFi you can see the 4gLTE symbol next to the service indicator and it seems to work fine.

As soon as I connect to WiFi, that 4gLTE symbol goes away. I'm pretty sure it never did this before.

Then when sending I get these errors..

On top of the issue with sending failures, sometimes after taking minutes to send, the person who is receiving the message will get up to 4 copies of the same message. I will also receive up to 4 copies of a message when getting texts. So it's an issue with incoming and outgoing.

This seems to be something that change with an update/service. Not the device or anything. When I got my note 9, the 1st thing it had me do was connect  to WiFi and I immediately noticed this same issue (no 4gLTE symbol) before installing a single APP or anything.

I'd like to point out, this is not always an issue. Most time it works pretty well, however it's a daily occurrence for the last week. Happens while I have full cell and 500MB+ WiFi service.

Please advise how this is to be resolved.




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I'm having the issue as well. Tech said account was set up correctly. 


I also developed the same issue recently. I recently purchased an unlocked Pixel 6 and transferred my SIM card between devices. I live in an area with no cell coverage and every time someone attempts to send me an MMS message, I cannot download the message until I either restart my phone (only works sometimes) or drive to an area with cell coverage.

Also have this issue. Need to get off wifi and get into cell coverage for texts to work. Tried creating a new APN with prescribed settings, tried most of the content from this thread. No success as of yet. Pixel 4.

My wife and I are experiencing the same problem. We can receive SMS messages, but when we try to send SMS messages it fails.

We live in an area with spotty cell coverage, so we rely on WIFI calling (which works fine for voice).

My wifi at home is a Deco M9 Mesh network running 2.4 and 5 GHz. My phone is a Galaxy S21+ and my wife has the S21.

I would say that this issue has not been resolved!

Problem still not solved. I was a happy Sprint customer of over 15 years, got the T-mobile sim card and been unhappy ever since. This needs to get fixed !  People if your thinking about T-mobile DONT DO IT. I will be looking to change providers shortly.  I have 3 phones in my family 2 x s20g5’s and I-phone 12 plus. All 3 have issues and do not like the t-mo network.  :(  cold hard truth, and customer service force me to give this company a “0”  on the 10 scale !   

My partner and I ported our phones from Verizon in November. We both purchased new devices when we ported over- iPhone for me, android for him. We never had any issues with our old service and our old phones. Since porting, neither one of us has consistently received text messages. We’ve called and had trouble tickets opened and no one has called us back. The only troubleshooting attempted was to just never have WiFi on on our phones (seriously?). T-Mobile, we’ve been your customers for 6 weeks- your service problems have apparently been going on for years and your support is nonexistent!

We're have the same issue

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If anyone has enabled power/battery saver, the app/setting often saves battery by disconnecting from wifi while it’s not in use. This can cause a problem if you send a text message before it can reconnect. I always set the battery saver and then choose to NOT disconnect from wifi (i.e. Custom setting), thereby, solving the problem I once had. :wink:

So I’m having the same issue but it definitely only started once my phone, (not iCloud), storage became nearly full.  Memory is just about used up and now my texts won’t send on WiFi as well as browsers are slow and not loading/ all apps crashing… Ive has to delete and offload all apps…I def need an upgrade With more storage than 64.

I have been having issues for a while. I just assumed it was my phone. (not a normal one) interesting to see its not just me. Phone calls and texts both only seem to really come in when I am not on wifi. In order to sign in, I had to take wifi off to get my two-factor authentication to get the text. I can call out no problem, texting out sometimes does not seem to be an issue. It's also not EVERY text. it's strange.

I was able to solve a similar issue. While connected to WiFi, and good 4G LTE  signal, and receiving the error message "cellular network not available. Connect to WiFi for messaging?" while attempting to send texted and all other internet functionality seemed to be working. And yes. There was a question mark at the end, even though that's not a question. Pet peeve of mine.


I'vead the same phone for years, and I've been a T-Mobile customer for almost a decade. Never had this problem, and not sure why someone would leave a great network for such a minor issue. That's like leaving Ford because your car didn't start one day. Anyway, I had called T-Mobile support for an unrelated and during that process they had me reset my network settings. That's when it started happening. I came across this thread and hopefully this helps some folks...

Check Settings>More under Wireless Networks and see if WiFi Calling is disabled. If so, turn it on and change Connection preferences to "Cellular Network Preferred". Texts began to send normally, and I was even able to keep texting after changing Connection preferences back to "WiFi Preferred" and even disabling WiFi Calling entirely.

I tried just about all of the suggestions with not luck. Weird combinations of issues. Could send text over wifi to some iphones not others; could never send text or pictures over wifi to ANY android phone; etc. Finally just reset my network settings and so far so good. I wonder of network setting accumulate changes over months or years and gets confused. Anyway... will let you know if it sticks.

To clarify, I've always had WiFi calling enabled.  The change today was to select which network it attempts to use first, WiFi vs. mobile.

I've been having a lot of trouble with this at work.  In my office I don't get a good cellular reception but my phone is connected to WiFi.  However, I consistently have the problem where SMS won't send (thru Messages).  Sometimes they are just really slow and they eventually go thru, though on occasion they get dropped completely (especially pictures).  Sometimes turning WiFi on and off helps push them thru, sometimes it doesn't.  However, I might have finally found the fix.  I switched the WiFi calling preference from mobile network to WiFi.  After doing this, when I send an SMS it consistently sends within 1-2 seconds.  Prior to the change, they would be in the "sending" state for 5-10 seconds minimum or 30+ minutes in the worst case when they just weren't getting thru.   And for reference I have a Pixel 3.

Long time t mobile consumer here. Never experienced this problem before recently getting a new phone. Texts/pictures would not send (msg. Failed), unless I turned off WiFi.

What seemed to work for me was PERMISSIONS.

Device settings---} App.settings/mngmt.---} find the app you use for texting---} Permissions---} give it all the permissions. Save settings. Restart device. Hope that helps someone

I am also experiencing this issue intermittently, but recently much worse.

If I turn off wifi, SMS sends just fine. Turn it back on, no SMS will send. Same problem any any wifi network. Home, office, airport, etc.

Immensely frustrating and makes me really consider dropping T-Mobile.

Same issue here.  I have an unlocked AT&T phone on T-Mobile. I don't use or have WiFi calling enabled.  I don't seem to have problems sending texts (SMS), but get delayed texts.  If I shut off WiFi, bam! , I get the text.  Does T-Mobile send text over WiFi even if WiFi calling is off?  Could it be I disabled IPv6 on my home internet?  I will try to do more tests.


Hi Chris, I already went through this exercise with the engineers and what not, they did whatever they had to do but problem is still happening.

Once I send a message then all the missing messages arrive. This is so intermittent. The problem is that you never know if its happening and you can be missing VERY important incoming communications.

Same issues here. T-Mobile should be embarrassed that the problem has gone on this long with no solution  

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Hey folks! With this issue being on the network side, we will need to speak with you over the phone to collect examples from you to escalate to our engineers. Please contact us if you are still having issues.

I'm  having the same exact issues  text with  wifi on  takes forever to send or I get a failed to send message all started after the last update. Also the cursor likes to jump to the beginning of the message mid text. Text messages with my work are time sensitive! I'm honestly thinking of leaving TMobile over this issue. fix this tmobile.

Just switched to T-mobile from Walmart. I never ever had any problems with walmart, but this is a reoccurring issue with T-mobile. It can take up to an hour to get texts, if I get them at all. This makes time sensitive logins and things that use temp text code to complete problematic.I also have random calling issues where I am connected to wifi; people are being sent to my voicemail, and I just simply receive a missed call notification.

When I spoke to T-Mobile about several of these issues I was told by the rep and let me quote here "Maybe T-Mobile is not the right network for you."

This issue everybody has mentioned is the same I've been having for about a year. I thought all along (it's an old phone) it was my S4. "SGH-T999L" The software version is 4.3 (the best for my phone right now) ... To receive text messages, I literally have to turn off my wi-fi or go out of range (which will automatically disconnect me from wi-fi) I'll give an example here. My bank will automatically send me a text when ever my bank account has a transaction over a certain amount. Deposit or Withdrawal. Since I know I just had a deposit & I am at home, connected to my wi-fi, I know I'll be getting a text but in order to get that text I have to turn off my wi-fi. Now, if I go somewhere which takes me out of range and off my wi-fi, I will immediately get those texts. (We've experimented with this issue by going out of range or having somebody sitting 10 feet from me, texting me) Only after I turn off wi-fi do I receive texts. The problem is possibly my phone, software version, the provider, or Google intercepting my texts, what ever, but it is a problem and getting very annoying. (btw: I don't download apps & only update what was on my phone when it was brand new) Any way, I haven't been able to fix the issue & hope this info helps.

My phone just started doing this last week. What kind of phone company lets this sort of known issue persist for so long. I have changed nothing. The phone just stopped sending my texts. Now  I must turn off wifi to get the phone to send a text. I have a moto g5+. Wifi works well with other devices. I am looking forward to my family coming back from  a trip see if their tmobile  phones have the same problem. My son's phone is on another carrier and it sends  texts over my wifi with no problem. Maybe i need to switch carriers.

Same here, for quite a while with multiple devices. Weird thing is on my home wifi it's fine. But at our vacation rental house on wifi texting images simply won't work. They always get stuck sending and then fail. Super frustrating and I doubt it's a phone issue or an individual  account issue since so many people are reporting it.