the new 5g gateway-hotspot-modem whatever

  • 6 August 2021
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ok i got this gateway-modem this week and i have a few questions.

  1. on the top i see 5 bars but can you tell me if those bar change colors? no matter where i put it i see those 5 bars but the speed is way different in different places around the house. out on the deck on top of the fridge i get the best speed. in the lower rooms i get maybe 25mbps in the living room it is 90mbps in the kitchen it is maybe 100mbps on the deck itis 140mbps but i still see those same 5 bars. being colorblind i can’t tell if they have a shade to them, if i tip it to the side a bit it kind of looks like i see a different shade.
  1.  i have a linksys router connected to it and i port forward my security cameras but i just do not see the cameras outside of the house on another wifi system, so is there a way to get this modem to pass ports thru it like you can on the router? if not is there a way to turn off the firewall so the will get thru? my router will be the firewall.
  2.  is there a better user interface that allows more setting like a router? i suppose there might be but i have yet to find that. 
  3. how do i find out if i’m on 5g or the 4g signal?

 i see 6 months ago this topic came up but i’m hoping by now this has been resolved or someone has figured it out. i like it for the speed i can mount it outside for the faster speed . the tower is to the south west of me and i’m just on the edge of the 5g signal so i do not know for sure if i have 5g or 4g. so how do i tell what i’m on 4g or 5g ?

  to keep that speed i will put this outside under the eaves on a shelf in a box for security. yet more security in the house but if i disguise the box to maybe look like an ac then i’m guess no one will be interested in it. 

my main issue at this time will be getting my cameras thru it. i would hate to go back to comcast jsut because i can’t see my cameras when out of the house. the flat rate for this modem is the selling point for me but sure would be great to get that perk. i’m real tired of comcast jacking up my rates for internet and 10 channels. thanks

1 reply

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