They cannot hear me

  • 10 June 2021
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This started happening last Monday. I make calls and the person I call cannot hear me. Sometimes they will hear me at first then I will fade out mid-call. I brought my phone to TMobile on Tuesday when I experienced the problem for the second day and they replaced my SIM card. The problem continued on Wednesday and Thursday (today). 

I was informed by a friend who is also with TMobile that he has been experiencing this problem for a month. A month. She was told that there is a TMobile outage - and I have been informed the same thing. Granted it is not consistent, there are calls that are “normal” (both parties can hear one another), however it is still frustrating making a call and wondering if the other person will hear you or not. 

Any update on this? 

1 reply

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It’s likely the Tech Care team saw an update for the towers in your area. Here, we’re unable to see if work is still being done, but if you contact our Tech Care team by calling or on our social media channels, they can look up your address and give you an update on the service’s status.