Timeline when I can expect 25mbps and higher or 5G Home Internet in my area?

  • 24 November 2021
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Okay First I wanted to thank the T-Mobile Team for getting 14mbps Download outside my house I think they might have actually put up some new towers around my area, inside the house is still the same 1 bar of no connection, so it does appear that there trying.

I don’t know if this is the right place for asking these questions, (Sorry for the angry sum up of my Internet problems)

I’ve always had the worst internet service since 2006

Dial-up was the only option and it was slow---

after that and now the only option Satellite with okay speeds (15mbps for 15GB) for an hour after the data-cap it cuts drastically down (1mbps) And the price is not worth nearly $100,

I’m lucky enough to have full speed (15mbps) at 12:00am to 5:00am which is no longer available with my ISP, but it is still tedious when you can’t watch anything or do anything other than browse the web,

Now the reason I’ve decided to post these questions is that we’re getting a 4K tv soon and I realized the minimum is 25mbps just to watch something in 4K and downloading them are either impossible or more long tedious (days) waiting,

and sorry for the big complaint letter I’m just really tired of having the last and worst option for internet,

is there a time window I can expect to see T-Mobile Home Internet in my area, as I really want to ditch Viasat for something I can actually use for more than a day,

I’m currently in que for mid 2022 with Starlink, and already see on paper it is better and a preferable option, I even don’t mind the $99 monthly price if it delivers on its promises,

one other question was if the T-Mobile Home Internet service be reliable for online multiplayer gaming? low latency is one of the biggest reasons I don’t mind paying $99 monthly for Starlink as it advertises 20ms latency.

And finally sorry if this is the wrong place for these questions, I thought I’d try this since the chat was not available, and if there is a right place for these questions, please direct me to it.

Thank you and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

9 replies

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This is a public forum,  so you might not get TMobile rep answers.  some of your performance questions probably depend on what zip code you're in and how far from a site that needs upgrading


Yeah, now I’m starting to realize that, thanks @formercanuck I think part of me just wanted to let off steam, about my internet situation, wasn’t very sure who to contact for any solutions or information on better internet tried plenty of ISP, places, and bugging the T-Mobile Chat team (Probably more than I should) Just been getting more and more frustrated finding out how much internet is relied on for common things (getting a new tv made me realize that more now) and many people are stuck with less than perfect solutions, Sorry I’m ranting again, I know internet isn’t everything, I’m just too much of a tech nerd too feel like I’m missing out I guess. The final hope is Starlink or T-Mobile 5G Home Internet to Take me away from the only other two options Viasat and Hughesnet.

And if you read through my rant, thanks for listening, and if not,

still Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Have you looked at AT&T (they also do home wireless internet)
  2. Take a detailed look at your address using provider: 310260, network (4G LTE or 5G)
  3. Check on T-Mobile’s “other” coverage map:  Note:  This does not show ‘ultra capacity’ bands

Yeah, I checked AT&T other internet options and it was a no,

I checked the Cell towers and there were a few verified towers surrounding my location though they seem somewhat far away, and two or three unverified towers slightly closer but I’m not sure how far exactly in distance any of the towers are, one 5G NR tower (n71) shown is one of the further unverified one.

The “other” map has the same results as the map on the T-Mobile website showing the top 5G green coverage for my location.

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Try cellmapper with LTE and Band 41.  Where you find lte b41 on TMobile,  you'll find n41.   N41 is harder to map, as it typically requires  n41 SA mode.


Okay I think I’m understanding a little more about the towers, there is a band 41 unverified tower that’s slightly closer than the 71 tower, it looks like it’s near a highway and close to a more populated area,

I feel like I should mention I live in a rural are with quite a few trees,

Is there a way to measure the distance from one of the towers location to my house with the map?

And what is an unverified tower, is it a tower that has not yet been activated, or is it just not professionally verified by a T-Mobile official?

Also, there most likely isn’t Ultra Capacity coverage near me (I didn’t expect any coverage in my location soon but I see they’re expanding pretty steadily seeing that they have reached 200 million people covered)

Do you know someone to contact on how to request for better internet solutions, that doesn’t have much choice in a decent internet connection? Or even how to increase my chances of T-Mobile getting Ultra Capacity in my area? I’m not sure of who to contact for these sorts of things, if it’s a legal issue or just lack of population in my area.


Sorry, you helped enough just desperate/jealous lol

Thanks for the tips and information, I hope someday internet is more reliable and widely available for more people.

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You’ll typically need to be able to get LTE 1900 (PCS) or LTE 2100 (AWS) to aggregate with n41 for NSA.  5G SA is typically available on n71 nationwide, but only in a handful of areas for n41.  If you are too far for LTE 1900/LTE 2100 … then you won’t be able to get ‘ultra capacity’  on 2500MHz.  I’ve been able to get n41 SA in / near downtown Los Angeles, but elsewhere.. it requires LTE midband service.


Okay I’m starting to understand now, I’ll keep an eye out for those numbers and if or when they get closer, I don’t know how far in the future I should wait to expect anything 5G or as good as the like near a small place in AR. I’m hoping Starlink will be released in my area and not get delayed again, but time will tell I guess,

I think I’ve gotten some information that’s useful or to better understand what I should look for,

Next time I’m in the community I’ll try to keep it less about information that hasn’t been publicly known yet.

Thanks again. :grin: