Timely firmware updates?

  • 26 March 2016
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I know this has been going on and off before but it would be nice to see some kind of a commitment when it comes to timely updated on the firmware. Since the last update ( I am seeing 5 upstream updates for the model this is based off of; including another sizable SSL update, half a dozen other vulnerabilities, and several handful of fixes for services and IPv6 handling.


Can we get some kind of a comment from T-Mobile on when they are going to start regularly reviewing and merging upstream security and bug fixes on the cellspot router? Since the main difference between the firmware you provide and the Asus upstream is just adding QoS and other optimizations for wifi-calling, is it possible to get a monthly or quarterly patch?

9 replies

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This is one is tough to give an exact answer on @cwestpha. We don't have a set schedule as to when software will roll out for the router. The most reliable source on support is the dedicated page for the Cellspot Router. We'll keep this page updated with the latest information we have.

Cellspot router firmware update information

I agree with cwestpha 100%. Asus releases updates that modify the router in a better way; therefore, these updates are vital. They tweak bugs and improve the overall performance of the router. T-Mobile needs to include the newest update. I am already seeing bugs which I saw with my old Asus router. The update that is current for the Tmobile Asus router is from 2014. That is unacceptable considering that the newest update is and it was released on 01/28/2016. Please talk to the Tech guys and have them release the newest update ASAP.

Thanks Mike, but that's not really a response. It has been two years since a firmware update was released for this router. Simply updating the firmware page to make it look like the posted update is recent (and not posting the date of the firmware like every other software company in the world does) is pretty disingenuous of TMO. I fail to understand why updates cannot be provided regularly. It's not that hard.

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You do know T-Mobile doesn't touch code like you think they do right?

Yes, I do. But in the end, as a TMO branded device, blame is going to fall on them regardless of whether they actually write the code or not. They are responsible for having it updated. The 68U has received numerous updates. All they (TMO, ASUS, or whomever is ultimately writing the code) have to do is add in the TMO-specific tweaks on top of whatever the current firmware is and release it. As someone suggested, if TMO doesn't want to do it for each release, fine - do it on some sort of reasonably regular basis (quarterly, twice-yearly, etc.). These updates contain critical security patches.

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Court of law says different. That's why all those class actions when devices don't get updates the carrier has always won.

I have the same issue. I am thinking of dumping this router to buy one that is updated more often. Given all the router vulnerabilities that have been discovered recently, this is outrageous!

not a fan of twitter tmobile support telling me they recently tested the firmware and found no security vulnerabilities... then why is asus releasing security improvements and updates for the ac68u guys....... come on

I returned mine and bought a router that actually receives updates. The new router is more stable than the CellSpot.