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We have a new site that is supposed to go up about a half mile just to the south east of E Market ST and S Main ST on 3/29 that will have 600MHz 😊

According to the that drnewcom2 mentioned,  it looks like I'm right in the middle of a zone that is just outside of several stronger signals.    the iPhone XR has shown a slight improvement to the iPhone 6S as I drive around in some of these dead zones.    My location is near 66294 in metro-east St. Louis which shows towers just to the north , south, east, and west,  with all those except the west being in more rural areas than my location.   I read where 600 MHz would penetrate buildings better, but that doesn't seem the case based on some trial and error I've been doing.   I was just hoping there were some setting options I could try to get better signals.   I guess I will just keep trying and hope that a new tower the T-Mobile reps "claim" was being considered in early 2019 will eventually get implemented and help with the frustration. 

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I am adding. Sprint had no problem with service. T mobile bought Sprint, so why are they not using sprint towers? been with t mobile since August 2018 and not happy

T-Mobile doesn't own Sprint (yet), it hasn't been approved by DOJ and FCC yet and even when they do they most likely won't use Sprint technology since it is the same TMO's network doesn't support CDMA and virtually no one else does either.  When they bought Metro who used CDMA they repurposed the spectrum and moved all the Metro over to the T-Mobile network.

You will always find spots where one carrier is better than the other(s) just because of where each carriers tower is located in relation to hills, trees, buildings and where you are located.  In other cases T-Mobile may want to put a tower to cover an area but the locality won't approve it since there may already be 1 or 2 towers and they don't want anymore.  I know T-Mobile was in a couple of lawsuits in GA because they had approvals that were then cancelled because of the "not in my neighborhood". 

Band 12 and 71 will help but just because a rep say the new towers are going in doesn't mean they may have "heard" but really it is just the first tower and it takes a while to do an area and they don't usually just turn them on tower by tower but in clusters as they get areas completed. In some areas they may be working on the towers upgrades but due FCC licenses by TV stations in the area they can't turn it on live until the TV station re-locates their channel.

  1. Never believe T-Mobile's coverage maps.
  2. Never believe what a T-Mobile store rep tells you.

Crowd sourced coverage by band can be found at but they always lag behind reality.

iPhones generally have worse reception that their Android counterparts.

I am adding.  Sprint had no problem with service.  T mobile bought Sprint, so why are they not using sprint towers?  been with t mobile since August 2018 and not happy