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Does anyone have imformation on the Band 71/600 MHz near 62294?  I switched to TMobile because they advertised coverage was good.   ww get no service just a few blocks from our house and several miles to the east.   So,  more research and hundreds of dollars on a newer phone IPhone XR that has Band 71, and my coverage is barely any better.   I get no service in the same buildings as I would have with my 6S.    T-Mobile reps in a store back in November said new towers were coming in January but I’ve not seen it.  


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I am adding. Sprint had no problem with service. T mobile bought Sprint, so why are they not using sprint towers? been with t mobile since August 2018 and not happy

T-Mobile doesn't own Sprint (yet), it hasn't been approved by DOJ and FCC yet and even when they do they most likely won't use Sprint technology since it is the same TMO's network doesn't support CDMA and virtually no one else does either.  When they bought Metro who used CDMA they repurposed the spectrum and moved all the Metro over to the T-Mobile network.

You will always find spots where one carrier is better than the other(s) just because of where each carriers tower is located in relation to hills, trees, buildings and where you are located.  In other cases T-Mobile may want to put a tower to cover an area but the locality won't approve it since there may already be 1 or 2 towers and they don't want anymore.  I know T-Mobile was in a couple of lawsuits in GA because they had approvals that were then cancelled because of the "not in my neighborhood". 

Band 12 and 71 will help but just because a rep say the new towers are going in doesn't mean they may have "heard" but really it is just the first tower and it takes a while to do an area and they don't usually just turn them on tower by tower but in clusters as they get areas completed. In some areas they may be working on the towers upgrades but due FCC licenses by TV stations in the area they can't turn it on live until the TV station re-locates their channel.

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At least it's not another Friday schedule date like the past 5 I've seen.   Thanks for the update.   This evening may have been one of the worst reception signals I've seen downtown since I joined T-Mobile back in November.    Places outdoors where I usually always get a signal couldn't even get data (LTE).   The entire family was down entirely where even text were struggling to transmit.   I don't know what T-Mobile is doing in this area, but that cell tower cannot come soon enough.

tmo_chris,  it finally happened a few weeks ago, possibly on 5/21.    The signal is three and four bars within a mile of the tower.    Amazingly, and disappointing I have to say,  I live about 3 miles from that tower and I fluctuate around one or two bars.   I expected the tower to have a better range than that, BUT it's enough to stop the whining by the family most of the time.    Unrelated,  my son went to Panama City, FL and said Tmobile was "awesome" which almost brought a tear to my eye.  😀

So, last direct question for you on this comment string - how do I find out what the next closest tower(s) are coming.    We still see poor to zero signal range about 5 miles south of this new tower between zip code 62294 and 62269 as an example.  

Thanks again for sticking with me all these months and providing updates.    I know you are all over Tmobile support, so the direct comments with me are greatly appreciated.

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I am very glad to hear that it was finally lit up for you! Also, that is super awesome that your son had a great experience with out NW in Panama 😊

As for signal there between 62294 and 62269. It is definitely looking pretty weak 😥 I am not seeing anything on the map like I did for the tower on E Market ST but I can tell that even though there is not a lot of folks in that area, It is the fastest route between the more populated areas  (Troy and O'Fallon). Did you by any chance mention this area to the folks over the phone when you called? While the service you are getting in that area is the expected, our folks over the phone can still put in requests for you for that area so that our engineers know that we have customers that need coverage there. 

I haven't really spoken to anyone but you and a couple of reps in the service office in Edwardsville.    Is there is specific number I could call that would be best?   That road is used by thousands of people every week.   It's a main artery between the military base and cities north, plus it's a short cut for many drivers between two main interstates.    Smaller towns east of this area have better reception than this highway between 62269 and 62294.    That area has a lot of hills and lower terrain, but  I can certainly make the call to try and help out my fellow Tmobile users.    Thanks again.

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For sure! You can either call 611 or you can use the Facebook/Twitter links in my signature to message our T-Force team. Maybe you can screen shot the map and outline the route and pin point the areas where the signal drops and send that to our T-Force folks. They will be able to put in the requests needed to get this in front of our engineers.