TMO @Home vs LineLink?

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I'm a long time TMO@Home user and have just come across the new TMOLineLink service and want to know if anyone has any feedback on the newer service?  I'm pretty happy with TMO@Home, but would really love to get rid of the old TMO@Home if the router goes, there apparently aren't replacements and have more clear calls.  My present system seems to be quite unstable now that I have a Comcast router and I drop calls, they bug out during calls, and all kinds of other annoyances.  I use it as a business line, so it's important it is more reliable than it has been in the past 3-6 mos.


That said, in my brief investigation, it looks like TMOLineLink does not have call waiting or caller id, is that correct?  Also, from the only other discussion in this area, there seems to be other issues like call forwarding codes (??) and caller id names?  I've been with TMO for 14 years and tried to call in to get some info, but got transferred 3 times and it doesn't seem like reps know much about this product.  Is there a special number to call?


Any feedback would be appreciated.  I'd hate to move away from something I know works, even if sometimes unreliable, to something that I don't know and it be worse.



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You are correct on the caller ID and Call waiting. 😊

The product is fairly new and only sold in stores, so phone representatives may not be as familiar with the product as store. Can you specify what you mean by call forwarding codes?

What are the specific features you need? I'll be happy to look into any feedback on what is important to you and make sure you don't swap to something you regret!


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Meaning NO caller ID and call waiting, right?  You are throwing me off with the smiley would be a frown to me, if those features aren't available... 😊

Ok, in my quick research I've read some people have gotten the product/service by calling in, so will defer to you as the expert that it is only store purchased.  Thx.

There is another thread in the LineLink area that talks about "call forwarding codes" that I guess you can type into your phone line (like the old star 69) and it will forward calls.  Seems the technology is there per that thread, but it is hit or miss on it working with LineLink.

I really need call waiting and caller ID (number showing is just fine even if no name shows).  Call forwarding would be nice but not a requirement.  If those things are there, I'd probably go to the store and switch to LineLink today, but without them I'll probably stay put until the router kicks it.  If that happens, I'd unfortunately probably move this line to another provider.

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I have the regular caller ID but not the enhanced that shows the name.

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Caller ID should function, but as gramps mentioned, not the enhanced type that shows wireless names, etc. and call waiting will still be available.

As for the call forwarding codes, I am not so sure about those. I went ahead and reached out to the person who is over some of the LineLink documentation hoping to find a confirmation!


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Ok, check, basic caller ID and call waiting are still available.  Thank you.

Call forwarding not a major issue for me, but I'm sure others would like to know for sure if available through some type of codes, again, per the other thread.

I hope to get to the TMO store tomorrow and inquire there about LineLink...we'll see.  Thx.

‌OK.  I replaced my @home router 24 hours ago with landlink and boy am I unhappy

  1. No enhanced caller ID
  2. No call waiting ID at all
  3. No real time call logs
  4.     Web site can take hours or days to update
  5.     Does not list unanswered calls
  6. No messages lite on phone
  7.      Linelink is in closet not on desk next to phone
  8. Linelink has locked up three times in last 24 hours
  9. Told I can NOT switch back
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4084299621 wrote:

OK.  I replaced my @home router 24 hours ago with landlink and boy am I unhappy

  1. No enhanced caller ID - True

  2. No call waiting ID at all- Haven't used this feature

  3. No real time call logs- My handset stores this information

  4.     Web site can take hours or days to update - @home was the same way

  5.     Does not list unanswered calls - Again handset stores this information

  6. No messages lite on phone - Mine didn't show voice mail notification at first but it does now

  7.      Linelink is in closet not on desk next to phone

  8. Linelink has locked up three times in last 24 hours

  9. Told I can NOT switch back - Since @home  is grandfathered and no longer offered

there's no way they can offer it back to you. You can try to escalate getting it back with

T-Force through social media and they may be able to help.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm sorry it hasn't been a positive one. 😥

Like gramps mentioned, T-Force may be your best chance at getting @home back, although I am not entirely certain it's possible. 😥


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Thank you for the info and very sorry for your experience...part of the reason why I've waited on switching and posted this thread, to get/see more feedback.  So far, not good it seems and not sure why TMO doesn't see this.  Seems like very easy things to address.

Anyway, I knew about 1, good to know about 2, 3-7 not a huge issue for me, 8 stinks, and keep this thread posted on 9...I'm assuming they won't be able to switch you back and may lead you to have to find an alternate provider.

Good luck, hope you get it fixed.  I will stay put for now with @Home and my old Vtech Dect 6 phone.  😥

I assume these two are related:

  • No messages lite on phone
  • Linelink is in closet not on desk next to phone

The message light is on the Linelink, so yes if you keep it in the closet you will not see it. However I have noticed that if you have a waiting voicemail the dial tone sounds slightly different when you first pick up the phone. It stutters slightly - Comcast voice service does the same thing. I hope that helps

‌I can't speak for Comcast but here at T-mobile my @home device it will light up the message waiting light on the phone.  You can be across the room and see you have a message wait

‌@home is not the same way because the log is on the router I and n real time.

  1. Firmware Version: v1.00.25, May. 25, 2010
  • Yes the Web based log shows whatever T-mobile wants when they want
  • The router based log shows start and stop times, duration and more
  • The router based log shows missed calls wether a message was left or not

‌Has anyone had trouble leaving messages to friends and businesses?

Called a non t-mobile cell and went to vm.

  • Could not leave message
  • Would not allow any keypress

  • Works fine from cell phone
  • Works fine from MagicJack
  • Works fine from @home
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I know the router showed all that info but I never needed it.

My phone and Dish Hopper keeps my calls and my phone shows whether I have a missed call

or voicemail.

Not a deal breaker for me.

‌additional thought:

When the @home service was sold it was sold as a household wide solution.  Set it up, plug it into your household phone wiring and all your phones worked and had vm notice via he light on the phone.

Not possible with the life-like.

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Voicemail shows on my phone.

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I can't speak for Comcast either since I had the @home service and now linelink.

As you can see from the pic voicemail shows on my phone. I had to go in the phones settings

to turn it on and after I did that it started giving me the notifications.

‌After wasting tens of hours on the phone with support I have chucked the linelink system entirely.  My first @home router was rendered  inopperable by my switching to linelink.




My second line @home router was rendered inopperable by T-mobile canceling that phone number by accident.  While they restored the number I was told there is no recovery of my @home service.

I ordered a ooma device and it just works.  It does all the things the @home routers did (and Linelink failed so miserably at) and more.

My @Home was working fine but then I got a text from T-Mob to get Line Link. I ordered and wasted 7 weeks (calling again and again and waiting) and then the other day they told me I have to go to the store. So I went and migrated my two @Home lines to Line Link. I had made sure, repeatedly, that everything will be the same and there is no extra charge. Now there is no caller ID name, only number AND when someone leaves a message no blinking light to alert you. Not even a tone when you lift the handset to tell you that there is message waiting! So every time I come in I have to dial 123 to check if there is any message.

The deceptive practices I noticed in this deal:

1. They assure you that everything remains the same but better sound quality and they remove Caller ID Name. If you want it you pay extra $5 to get that back.

2. They remove the blinking message alert. May be it is another option for more charges, I did not check.

I feel cheated because my @Home service was working fine. If I had NOT blindly trusted T-Mob I would have tried switching only ONE line and would have noticed the shortcomings. I have been with T-Mob for two decades or so, before they were VoiceStream, and they have been good more or less. That's why I moved all my numbers to T-Mob. I have a total of four numbers with them. It is not the $5 extra or the message light, I feel tricked by them into this. I asked them to move me back to @Home and they say that is being discontinued, can't move back. I should have stuck with @Home till they discontinued it but I trusted them and they cheated me. They can do good business without deception and trickery but they probably feel the need to follow others in this business.

After a few days of my posting the above under another topic my VM notification light started blinking and the tone also is back. May be it takes a few days for that to come alive but still no caller ID name, only number.

@chris13‌, the caller ID name was always there on @Home, if your phone was capable. I did not change any of my capable equipment, only the LineLink devices, and the caller ID NAME no longer shows, only number shows up. Names showing does not depend on whether it is stored in your phone or not because mine is a regular Panasonic landline 3-line phone and there are no names saved in it. Name is now extra charge they say. Then why did they say everything will work the same but better, is my gripe. This surely is deceptive practice. Either they should make this clear everywhere they advertise LineLink or they should make CID Name available. Or I should look for Ooma or something else. I never thought of moving but now I am getting ideas. Mainly because I feel cheated. They took advantage of my gullible/trusting nature.
The service does not seem to be any better than @Home either, I have not noticed anything better. May be my senses are mired in their duping me into switching to LineLink. I was very fond of being a T-Mob customer and recommended them to everyone and even persuaded some of my friends to switch from other difficult carriers but this is the first time ever I am feeling a dislike and distrust towards T-Mob.
I spent many many many hours recently with T-Mob customer service (difficult to speak to, understand and whatnot) but they will not put the NAME CID back. More often than not I got someone in Philippines and I could not understand about 75 percent of what they were saying. Not a comment about Philippines but they should be trained to speak in a way that the rest of us can understand. I am not born an American and I have an accent too but I can understand all sorts of accents but I can't understand much of what these customer service reps would say. Finally I got a nice lady supervisor and she understood my concerns and transferred me to (once again!) to another department ("loyal customers department") and after wasting more of my time they said they cant give me name CID or switch me back to @Home.
I don't want them calling me a "Loyal Customer" again. Totally feeling cheated.

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Well, don't be too upset.  I just got a letter stating the @Home service is going "bye bye" on or after March 31st, 2017 per TMO.  TMO is offering me LineLink as an alternative and will send me the device for free with free standard shipping.  Guess I will give it a try and go from there.

Yes I know, they told me too that @Home is being discontinued.
After they promised that they will send me the LineLink equipment I had to call several times and THEN they tell me that it is only available in store so I had to go to the store. So make sure they deliver. But remember you are getting a stripped down version of @Home - no caller name CID and no call-waiting CID. At least my message light started blinking now - praise the Lord!
I was very loyal to TMo for I think almost two decades now, but don't feel that anymore because I feel duped by them.

I got the @Home transition letter, too.

I called TMO and the agent assured me that LineLink was exactly the same as @Home, just new hardware and pricing. I agreed to the transition, received 2 LinkLink adapters, installed and activated them.

I was surprised that caller name ID (CNAM) was not working.

I called TMO and was advised that CNAM was available for $3.99 per month per line. Sigh.

I asked for this to be enabled.

Still not working.

Called TMO again today and this time the agent told me that CNAM is not available at all for LineLink.

Looking forward to a definitive answer from TMO.

CNAM is requirement for me, so if LineLink does not include it, I'll be looking into alternative VoIP solutions

that have this essential feature.

- Wayne

All of the above and more.  I got the letter and switched.  Not only do I have fewer features, but the price quadrupled over @Home.  Fortunately, I cancelled it before my @home was stopped, so I'll use that until I get another provider.  T-Mobile is not the only game in town.  I should also note that Customer Service has clearly not been brought up to speed on the new product.  The misinformation I got when ordering the service is almost comical.