TMO @Home vs LineLink?

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Interesting.  So, it's not $10/mo as stated on the TMO website and what I'm paying now for the @Home service?  If that's the case, looks like I'll be switching to another provider, as well.

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It's $20 a month with a credit of $10 a month making it the same.

I was charged $20 versus $5 for @Home.  They lowered it to $10 only after I called to complain.  The $5 for @Home is in addition to the price of the 6th line on my mobile plan for that device, which, I assume, would also apply to LineLink.  I didn't keep it long enough to find out.

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My @home line was $10 since I only had two other lines on my account.

But my bill actually went down a little since I was getting my corporate discount taken off the $20.

That is another ploy. This has happened with me from T-Mob before, for something else. They will charge full and give you a discount to make it as before. Then when you are not looking they will stop giving you the discount. Then when you realize after a couple of months ans call they will say "oh, that's old story, you can't go back!" Speaking from experience. I want to meet ONE company or organization who would be truthful to me in what they say and T-Mob was almost like that but not anymore.

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I have a prepaid phone I'm thinking of porting the number to and buy Bluetooth handsets to cut my bill.  I pay nothing for the prepaid plan and get minutes for buying groceries.

gramps28, that seems like a great idea! I need to look into that. Thanks for sharing your idea. More than anything else T-Mob's dishonest tactics are upsetting me very much. As a matter of principle I should look elsewhere, I feel. Thank you.

TMO was able to get Caller Name ID (CNAM) working on my 2 LineLink lines today.

So, apparently, it is available, at an additional cost.

- Wayne

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Do you mind saying where you moved your line to?  If the LineLink doesn't work for me, I may switch, as well.

I use @Home/LL as a second line (business), so I don't really need Caller Name ID, but do like having "generic" call waiting with just Caller Number ID.  Funny thing is, just in the past month, a person I speak with frequently his Name ID (with number) shows up when he calls.  I've never added him or his number to any phone memory or anything, so just weird it started showing up out of the blue.  It is sporadic as well, sometimes it shows all info and sometimes just the number.

Oh well, will give LineLink a shot and go from there.

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Yeah, unfortunately I always check my TMO bill in detail because of errors like this.  I admit I haven't had many and they always fix when I call, but a hassle to constantly have to question whether your bill is right or not.  It's friggin 2017, you'd think they could get their billing software in line.

Last night when I checked my LL rates have gone up from $10 per line to $20 per line! So 40 for two lines, which was only 10 for two lines in the beginning. Now I have to call and ask why. This is a constant struggle now with Tmob. I am getting sick.

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This is how TMO makes it look now for billing for some reason.  So, your bill will show $40 ($20/ LL line) and you SHOULD get a $20 credit ($10/LL line).  I ran into this yesterday when I switched to the new TMO One plan and wanted to keep the @Home/LL line.  Guess they think it looks good from a marketing standpoint.

My bill still shows wrong, though, so will have to call them again to check.  They insist I will be getting a $15 credit every month so my bill is $110 for 3 lines, but doesn't make sense based on what I changed my service to.  TMO billing drives me crazier than not having their service in some locations.  You constantly have to watch the billing.  Ughhh...

"You Constantly have to watch" is the key words here. Their tag line should be "Your Life, Made Miserable" or something such.

I just spent 50 minutes on the phone with T-Mobile with an obviously outsourced call center worker who clearly had no idea what she was doing.  I explained to her clearly multiple time I was calling in response to the letter and wanted to get the process going but she put me on hold multiple times to try and decipher the account memos.

They also couldn't get the transfer process straight.  She wanted to migrate my line to the LineLink device immediately, even though I didn't have it in hand.  I had to explain to her that my @home service still needs to function and that it would make more sense for me to call back once I have the actual LineLink device to perform the plan migration.

She finally agreed to send me the LineLink device for free, as stated in the letter, but said she had to charge me $7.61 for shipping, even though the letter clearly says the fee would be waived.  After some back and forth, it was finally agreed that she would have to charge that amount to my CC and then credit the amount to my T-Mo account.  Pretty stupid to go this route if the letter said everything with the migration would be free of charge to me since T-Mo was forcing me to switch from @home to LineLink.

All in all, a miserable process so far to get ousted from my @home service and migrate onto LineLink.  I'll expect more ridiculous issues to come up when I actually perform the formal plan migration.  T-Mo used to have stellar service but this was a definite -1 experience for me.

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Yep, welcome to the new, fast growing TMO, unfortunately.  I've been with TMO for 14 years and don't put up with someone that doesn't know what they are doing.  I'm nice (worked in a call center before), but ask them to either transfer me to the "loyalty dept" or I'll call back and try someone else.  Knock on wood, but seems to work every time.

Yes, I got charged a $6.99 shipping fee, as well, and the loyalty dept staffer immediately credited it to my account.  Again, fast growing pains where Marketing doesn't talk to Customer Service, who doesn't get respected by Management because someone in CS probably told them about this disconnect, who doesn't listen anyway...Ha.  Welcome to big corporate America.  😀

We'll see how it goes once I get the LineLink device and migrate the @Home device to it.  Fingers crossed!

Well I'm glad I wasn't the only one that got charged the $6.99 plus tax shipping fee.  They should've made it clear that you would've been credited it back in the letter, not just the appearance that everything was free.

I'll have my fingers crossed too with the switch whenever I get the device.  Just pains me I have to call back again and deal with their lovely reps.  At least I'll be saving a whopping $1/month with this new plan.  I'm currently getting charged $15/month for @home and LineLink will bring it down to $13.99 (including the optional enhanced caller ID).

Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem with TMob now. Two days ago I was on a long drive and spent about an hour asking them why my Name CID not working and a supervisor eventually said I will have to pay $3.99 per line for my two LL phones which were working fine before they said "everything will work the same but better" and switched me over. They now say "I don't know why so many at TMob told me everything will be the same" but Name CID is extra. I said as a matter of principle I WILL NOT pay for that. The supervisor said he understands.
I feel cheated. I have to look for another provider for my landlines. Not because $8 a month is too much but they beguiled me and won't own up. I am very busy making ends meet so I will have to find some time to look for something else. I have four numbers with them, some for about 20 or more years and this is what they do to "loyal" customers. May be they treat new customers better because they want their business, but "loyal?" take a hike.

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I got my LL device and switched over today.  I did have to call a couple times after setting up, so they could activate the SIM card and all seems to be working for now.  Once the SIM card is activated and you confirm a code to TMO, you may have to unplug LL and re-plug in and restart computer to get to takes a few minutes.  The CS rep I spoke to saw it wasn't working after SIM/code and transferred me to Tech support, but while I was on hold for them, I restarted things, it worked, so I hung up.  Only thing I'll watch for now is I have the device pulling power from a USB port on my monitor and not sure how that will react over time.  If issues crop up, I may just plug into regular power outlet.

Had a call shortly after installing and didn't really notice much difference.  There were a couple times where the person I was talking with faded out for a second and came back, so who knows.  Also did a test voicemail and blue light on LL device blinks, but orange light on phone is not, so we'll see if that self corrects over time.  The LL device is small, so nice to get the big @Home router off the desk.  Good luck!

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Kind of amazing they didn't offer a long time customer some kind of $3.99 for BOTH lines for CID.  You still may have said, "no", but worth a shot by them.  So, instead they will lose $16/mo when you switch, instead of $3.99....very dumb and why loyalty is overrated in most cases anymore...a shame.  Let us know where you land when you switch.

Something else to notice: When I dial if I pause more than may be two seconds to look at the number or something the "incorrect dial" beep will come and you will have to disconnect and start all over again. So elderly people cannot use LL for sure. The allowed default interval between digits is too short for those who take the time to dial each digit or try to look at their note to carefully dial.

I noticed that, too.
Thought I was just a slow dialer all of a sudden. :-)
I wonder if TMO can fix that.

Hehe, no you are not getting old, TMo is getting incompetent. If the software writers had cared to look at the standard/established time between digits that has been tested and proven by phone companies since about a century, they would have known the proper timing to allow.

I just finished setting up my LineLink device and tossed my @home router.  I called into T-Mo's technical support department and had them re-provision the SIM card on my home phone account to my new account.  Took a bit for the LineLink device to sync up but after 10 minutes, I had the blue light and was able to call out again.  My voicemail transferred over too so there wasn't much else to do.

I signed up for the $3.99/month CID, since that was a luxury I had with the @home service.  So after the bill credit, I'm paying a whopping $1.01/month less than I was with my @home service.  I'm pretty sure my next bill will have taxes and fees too but it'd be nice if T-Mo could get rid of them for LineLink too!

In regards to the voicemail, I left a test message for myself and saw the same behavior where the blue light was blinking but my cordless phone system didn't detect a voicemail.  I checked the dial-tone and there was the usual stutter in the beginning so that's still the same.  I'll see if this works itself out over time as well.

I also noticed my phone rings slower than it used to before with @home.  Not quite sure why though.

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Yep, the first ring is normal and then there is a pause before the second and then it continues to ring normally.  Very weird.  Also, notice the brief interruptions here and there, but that could be Comcast.  I will reset my router.  Finally, I think someone called in while I was on the phone and no number popped up for me to see, just made the call waiting sound, and honestly didn't know what to do since I didn't see anything.  Hopefully, this gets resolved as it will be a pain if the number (not name) doesn't show on basic call waiting like it did for the @Home system.  If this doesn't get fixed, that will be a major strike (for me) with the new LL and I will be searching out alternatives.

I can't believe TMO promotes LL as better than @Home at this point.