TMO @Home vs LineLink?

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Well, after a few weeks of using the new LineLink service, it really isn't that great, and certainly not better than the soon to be discontinued @Home service.  My caller id (number) service does not work for call waiting like it did with @Home, so I have no idea who is calling me if I'm on the line with someone else.  I've called twice to inquire about this and the first time I don't believe the rep really knew what they were talking about or my issue.  This was confirmed in my second call (1st rep never called me back, as promised), as the new rep told me there were no records on my account of the prior tech call...not surprised.  This rep was very helpful and said there were some settings on my account that were set up wrong, whatever that means.  The rep went behind the curtain and sent to tech heaven and said they'd call me back with final resolution.  Waiting patiently...

Also, none of the voicemail notifications work now on my vtech phone.  I do get the tiny blue light on the LL device if there is a message, but you literally have to be on top of the device to see it, whereas, my phone used to show a large, blinking, orange light and "New Voicemail" wording on the phone display.  Not sure why this disappeared and I pulled out the phone manual to see if any assistance tells you how to turn OFF the notifications, but not ON.  I'm using the vtech phone recommended by TMO when I signed up for @Home 6-7 years ago.  Go figure.

So, at this point a big 😥 for LL as I'm paying the same $$ for less features, despite the nice little letter TMO sent everyone on @Home stating they need to switch to LL before end of March and things would be the same.

I now have Caller Name ID working on my LineLink lines. But, I have to pay for this option -- $10 per month per line.
(It was free with @Home.) Not happy with that change!

Caller ID number and name displays on my phones, but my Zoom USB Modem, model 3065 doesn't get the Caller ID data.  Not sure what the LineLink hardware got wrong to break this.
Anyone know of a solution?

I'm not happy with the change from @Home to LineLink.

Paying more for less. Maybe TMO will fix all this? Maybe not...

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My voicemail seems to be working fine now on my Panasonic cordless system.  Came home today and saw a voicemail message and the orange light on top was blinking.  The biggest issue so far for me is the slowness of the ringing when someone calls.  Definitely not as fast as with @home or with a regular copper line.

Yes, I'm currently and actively using the TMOLinelink.

You are correct, not many tech support know about this product. It's pretty new to them.  After many calls and discussions, I've become 'friends" with them. Great guys though unable to do much. Their hands are tied. 

So, I love that it is cheap, gives me access to US/Canada and Mexico for a flat fee ($20/mo) and to 70 countries for an additional $15/mo but it comes with 2 major issues:

1 - It randomly drops calls within 60 minutes of conversation, outgoing calls only though.

2 - from time to time, the line becomes silent for several seconds. Then it resumes. Very strange feeling.

I've filed numerous tickets with engineering to try to get this fixed without success. They shipped ,e a new unit suspecting I broke the one I had!, but still the same. 

Lately I got a bit frustrated, one rainy Saturday, I decided to roll up my sleeves and put my engineering hat. (I am a telco engineer with two decades of R&D experience in this industry) After some quick analysis, I made some disturbing technical discoveries which I am not prepared to share on this forum. (Not sure T-Mobile would like me to disclose confidential information publicly and hurt their business)

At a high level it goes back to the old adage: "you get what you pay for". It's cheap, but at the expense of quality of service and explains all the missing features you used to have on the former network.  Consider yourself warned 😊

Since this is my line of consulting business, I'm offered my service to T-Mobile as a telco consultant and help them stabilize their network with some highly needed fine tunings and basic features. I'm sure they know there are other solutions highly competitive out there right now, and they might not be able to stay in business with this product if they don't take the necessary approach. 

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Thanks for the info, pch.  That would be great if they took you up on your consulting offer...good luck.

As for the LL, I have your #2 issue sometimes and fortunately your #1 issue only once or twice.  I use for only US domestic calls, however and with discounts pay less than $10/mo, so I keep for a second/office line as cell service in my neighborhood is not very good for any carrier.  It's working just good enough for me to stay, but I've seriously considered Ooma or others the last couple of months.

Anyway, agreed, their tech/engineering team has been very much as they can.  I've had issues with my call waiting, caller/number id not working and it seems to be quasi fixed.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, which is really weird.  I also can't get my voicemail light on the phone to blink, but that's minor.  I'm thinking I might try and use the phone VM, instead of the LL VM, but haven't looked into how to do that, yet.

A couple questions, if you don't mind, since you are experienced...

     1.  Do you think a DSL filter would help with anything?  I've read it may help the call waiting/caller id issue.

     2.  Would performance improve if I plugged the LL into it's own router and then that router into my Comcast, kinda like before with @Home, and then did a "bridge" with that setup?

Hopefully, TMO can add a few enhancements that would make this a no-brainer to keep, but I'm guessing it's a tiny fraction of their overall business, so resources dedicated to LL are probably small.

Thanks Chris13

Turns out, Kevin (Customer Support @TMO) just called me today to follow up and iterate the same response from TMO engineering; No Trouble Found (NTF). They keep insisting this is coming from my (our) ISP, yet are not understanding that the call drop only occurs on an outbound call. No inbounds.

Despite the fact they are trying to blame on others (finger pointing technique), and as a result I've switched my connection to point to their own network (LTE) and the same disappointing results! Good luck blaming on your own ISP now!

Anyways, irrespective of network performance issues, just know that VoIP is a very resilient technology when properly rolled out. (CISCO has successfully demonstrated it for the past 15 years now)

To your questions:

     1.  Do you think a DSL filter would help with anything?  I've read it may help the call waiting/caller id issue.

      I do not think DSL filter would help. The traces I am seeing are not suggesting any network issues between our router and the ISP. Packet networks are highly resilient to noises.

     2.  Would performance improve if I plugged the LL into it's own router and then that router into my Comcast, kinda like before with @Home, and then did a "bridge" with that setup?

     I don't think so. Here again, this is not related to your router or your ISP.

Totally agree with this side of the business that is tiny compared to cell phone. However, the cell phone market is now highly saturated and they need to look for new business opportunities. That is part of their strategy to attract of retain existing customers with new features which were until then, not available; High Quality phone calls, then video calls should naturally follow this route that will offer services that compete against Apple (FaceTime), FaceBook (Messenger) and Microsoft (Skype).

It's all converging right now on the same packet technology.

In other words, even if it's tiny, I am convinced this is a very strategic move for TMO and they certainly don't want to screw up their early adopters.

Let's keep pushing !

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Awesome, pch, thanks for the info. (Hope you don't mind me shortening your UN 😊 )

Yeah, I kinda got the "it may be your phone", "it may be your ISP", but I was prepared for the first one, as I had tried multiple phones and all acted the exact same.  They did more research and called back and when they had called back I said, the call waiting caller id was now working, which it was.  A day later, it went funky and stopped, but now works on and off.  I'll just wait it out for a bit longer and see what happens.

Thanks for answering my questions, it was worth a shot for a novice to ask.  Oh well...

You make a great point/argument in your last paragraph, especially as most people are now just dumping their home phone lines, but if they had a cheaper, high quality alternative, TMO could pick more of that up.  Agree on the cell phone saturation.  We can't really go without a home phone line where we live as service with all of the carriers is sporadic.  Plus, I'm a bit old school and you still can't beat the clarity of a "landline".

I'm with ya!

Last time when I talked with a "knowledgeable" supervisor more than a month ago he tried to explain to me why some calls show name ID and most don't. He said it is a cellular setup thing and it is due to how the CALLER'S system is setup and not a fault of TMob. I said ALL my callers' Name ID were working and now ONLY a couple of known callers' names are showing up and rest of them are all only numbers, he 'made me understand' that it is because of the way the callers' systems are setup. I said the callers did not change anything from how they had it setup before I changed to LL, he still said it was the callers systems. Finally I understood it (just to disconnect the call so that I can carry on with my life) but the gist of it is if I pay $5 per line I will get all the names which as a matter of principle I am NOT going to pay because they duped me. One lady even did some research (while putting me on hold) and told me that they did not advertise anywhere that caller name will be available with LL as it was with @Home. Oh yeah, when they say "everything will be the same but better" I was to know that some things won't be. If I were clearly told what will NOT carry on from @Home I wouldn't have felt duped. If they were truthful with their persuasion to switch to LL I wouldn't have felt so bad with this change. I am still not decided what to do.