TMobile LTE Coverage 'the MAP': Bands 4, 2, 12

  • 5 February 2015
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According to 'The MAP', I have 'GOOD' LTE Signal at my home.

In reality, I have none.

I barely have ANY signal, maybe a spotty EDGE but anytime the phone rings, the call gets dropped immediately.

I have a phone that supports LTE on band 4 (HTC One M8)

Apprently TMobile's LTE Coverage relies mostly on Band 12, the 700MHz-A band that TMobile owns in certain markets in the United States.

How many phones out there are capable of tapping on to LTE Band 12?


Yes, there are only 2 phones capable of communicating with TMobile's LTE Network.

Galaxy Note 4 ($800) and Note 4 Edge. It is rumored that Nexus and a few others may be getting a software update to support the band.

What this means for consumers is that 'the MAP' is deceptive and plain wrong.

You must have a map PER DEVICE.

Or at least a seperate MAP for any device other than Note 4 (current coverage map is ONLY For Galaxy Note 4, ain't it?)

and seperate maps for different LTE bands.

That will make your customers 100% happier, Trust Me.

We will know what exactly we are buying and what exactly to expect from it.

That's going to stop all these 'dissatisfied customer' posts on the support forums too (not that TMobile seem to care a bit)

9 replies

There's also the ZTE ZMAX but you are right that band-12 phones are fairly thin on the ground.

I also fully agree that T-Mobile all-magenta color scheme for maps makes no sense at all. They need to have selectable layers that you can add and remove. You should be able to pick a phone and then show the coverage map tailored to that phone's capabilities. However, if you read Dilbert, you know the sad story of marketing vs engineering. Marketing generally wins. They actually have a sort of disclaimer on their new coverage map that comes up when you click on a band-2 LTE area. It takes you to a list of phones that support band-2 LTE. Nothing similar for band-12 AFAIK.

Great marketing though! They even fooled me with 'the MAP' that showed me 'covered'!

I assume there is still a 14-day or so period that I can go ask for a full refund. I've only had this for a week now.

I had great coverage with Verizon and then I had a pretty good coverage with Metro. Hard to grasp that Metro, who just leases the signal from TMobile, had better coverage than TMobile itself!

I am not going to spend another $800 to switch to Galaxy Note 4. I already spent $600 on this HTC. Probably going back to Metro - better coverage for cheaper -.

If you are within the 14-day remorse period, you can return the phone for a refund but not the service. I'm not so sure about Metro. They run on T-Mobile's network, so the coverage is the same. If you like (or don't mind) a big phone, the ZMAX is a deal and has all the bands. You can't get back any phone you traded in. Those trade-in, EFT refund deals are kind of messy that way.

Frankly, I've fussed at T-Mobile about why they sell that M8 when it doesn't have LTE band 2. I think it should come with a big red warning sticker.

I don't live any where near Long Island, so I can't really advise you if your service would be truly better if you had a phone with LTE bands 2 & 12. There's a line about 1/2 way down Long Island about where the Sagtikos Pkwy is. To the west of that line T-Mobile can't use band 12 due to interference with WNJN-TV. To the east of that line they have band 12. Once they resolve the issue with WNJN, they will be able to use band 12 all over the NY metro area.

I did not buy the phone from TMobile so I guess there nothing to return and no refunds either 😊

I am slightly east of the Band 12 line on Long Island, so it is very likely that most, if not all, their LTE coverage around here is via Band 12.

Metro has a good, consistent HSPA signal here & with my old Nokia I am able to use WiFi Calling as well, so they got me covered 😊 WiFi calling is a great advantage here as all the tv & communications providers have hotspots available most everywhere throughout the metropolitan area. Everywhere I stop by, I have a wifi signal available to me. Unfortunately with TMobile, there is no WiFi Calling support for my phone either. Only now I realize how big of a mistake it was to switch to TMobile, at least with the phone I liked (and bought!)

Have you tried putting your T-Mobile SIM into your old Metro phone?

No but for a good reason (or two!)

Nokia has MicroSIM, HTC has Nano... I heard you can cut it and stuff but I would rather not.

Even if TMobile works better with the old phone, Metro is $25+ cheaper at that 'satisfaction level' 😊

You can't cut a nano-SIM into a micro-SIM but you can put a nano-SIM into an adapter and it might work. Not 100% but it might.  My only point in mentioning this is that the only difference in the perception of service between T-Mobile and Metro PCS has to be based on the phone you were using. The network coverage is going to be identical.

It could very well be the case. Old Nokia is a 4G phone, it does not have LTE capabilities. If I put the TMobile SIM in it, I'd probably get the same signal I was getting with Metro. However my goal was to upgrade to the phone I like and coverage I want. Again, at the satisfaction level I had with Metro, it just makes sense to stay with them and pay less.

matesny wrote:

How many phones out there are capable of tapping on to LTE Band 12?


Yes, there are only 2 phones capable of communicating with TMobile's LTE Network.

Galaxy Note 4 ($800) and Note 4 Edge.

This just isn't true.  It wasn't true even at the time of posting.  I'm getting 2G, H, H+ and LTE on another device made prior to this post.

I agree that there DEFINITELY needs to be an accurate (e.g. truthful and honest) way to display a map though.  I'd say display by bands and have those selectable by a menu of T-Mobile phones but also manually selectable for BYOD.