Tmobile One hotspot terrible

  • 1 November 2018
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I purchase 3 lines, and 2 new devices. And a sim for a tablet with 2 gig's of data.

On all 3 of the One unlimited lines I get .5 Mbps or less on hotspot. On the tablet I was able to get 30 Mpbs until I ran out of the 2 gigs. I call support last night and she said that its a power issue in the area. I don't understand how my limited device gets 30 Mpbs down until data is gone and then I get .5 to .06 mbps if I use another phone or even if I put a different sim in tablet.

Are my One devices all throttled to .5 mbps?


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3 replies

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Hey @tylercaiden

So the T-Mobile One plan comes with unlimited mobile hotspot but the speeds are limited to 512 kbps or 0.5Mbps. If you add the T-Mobile One Plus feature to your account for $15 per line you want it on, you will get 20GB of 4G LTE Mobile hotspot usage and 512 kbps after the 20 GB is used.

So this is nothing but a gimmick? You cant do anything with 0.5 Mbps. You cant even download a 5 MB zip file.

We used up our "unlimited" hotspot in one day. ONE DAY. 29 days of throttled "unlimited" to go. C'mon TMobile, it's 2022, not 1998. Who the hell uses just .5mbps??????