TMobile Problems

  • 1 July 2022
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Has anyone been having issues receiving voicemail messages days after the person left the message? Also, somehow everyone in my family used all of the 2GB of data which NEVER happens. Usually one of my sons goes over, but I am questioning that as well, because everyone uses the phones at home with wifi or in my car with wifi so how is data being used?  I am so fed up with TMOBILE their service has gone down hill over the past year

1 reply

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As far as data usage if you have iPhones, it will show you how much cellular data you are using in your current billing cycle along with usage by apps. You can also see this online in your TMO account. Keep in mind just 20 min of watching Youtube on cell data eats up around 500 MB. Running Speedtest once to measure your cell data throughput eats up nearly 1 GB. One way to control cell data is to disable cell data use for apps that you only want to use on wifi.

As for voicemail, have you checked to see how much storage you have left on your phone? That could be one reason if your storage is nearly full.