tower modernization

  • 18 October 2020
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For the past week my cell phone here at work gets no service, ive been in contact with customer service on here and twitter, with no viable solution. today i have no service. ive just been told that its due to cell tower modernization. its affecting everybody here that has tmobile or metro pcs.  My coworkers that have ATT also have signal, i find it odd that i cant roam to those towers.  Is there something in the system that is not allowing me to roam while maintanece is being performed.  I was in mexico a couple months ago, the only cell towers near i used were from telmex and telcel, i had no issues getting a signal at least to call. so whats up with the service.  im in zip code 61104 in rockford, is there truly maintance issues going on????? heeeeeelllllllllpppppppp!!!!!

1 reply

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Call cs and tell them to file a ticket for 'No Service’.  Undergoing Modernization occurs from time to time, however, you should be able to drag and end date out of them, and possible service credit