Tower upgrades, slowing speed and fluffy talk

  • 13 November 2018
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I've noticed over the past couple weeks that my speeds are really taking hits throughout the day gradually becoming slower and slower. I wanted to blame this on the influx of Florida residents escaping hurricane Micheal into my immediate area but most of them have returned home by now.

I also considered the fact that the two towers I normally connect to are either near two major highways at an intersection or downtown in a busy business district.

However I've been where I am for quite some time and have never experienced these issues at either location until recently. TMobile states that there are tower upgrades for which this is quite possible that some mid band expansion was recently introduced however this should not have created slower speeds due to congestion.

One rep even told me that band 71 had recently been deployed in the middle of my major city where there is no TV station and the Planned band 71 expansion is actually an hour away and should be completed by the end of this month but there has been no progress on that Tower. I also fail to see why band 71 would be implemented in the middle of a major city vs a TV station which is normally based miles outside of a major town and is meant to cover more rural area.

I've also been given the speech that some towers are going through modernization which I figured to be fluffy talk for a paint job and some other minor cosmetic or non Network upgrades such as power supplies mounting hardware or site Landscaping.

Also to add I've even been encouraged to switch my network radios to 2G 3-g and standard 4G so that I might enjoy faster speeds than LTE because of the congestion.

I also found it comical that TMobile would find that anything over 4 megabits per second is considered LTE when the average speed is far greater than that typically at least until now in my area. Yes I know TMobile sometimes gets overzealous with their emphatic positivity but I really think it Folly to call that kind of speed excellent.

I think the major point being missed here is that I have always had fast speeds for where I am and with the network degradation all of a sudden it's not a matter of acceptable speed it's a matter of capacity and there hasn't been that many people move into the area in the past 2 weeks but there seems to be some happy smiley shiny answer for everything except that they're not really answers that solve anything.

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