• 18 March 2019
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I have all my family members(4) in the TMobile One and we are traveling to Mexico in April, I understand we have up to 5GB of high speed data within México. My question is Do we need to switch Data roaming setting manually in all our iPhones once we land in the airport or isn’t necessary to turn ON data roaming?


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8 replies

You can turn data roaming ON at any time. You don't have to wait until you arrive. If data roaming is OFF you won't get any data service outside the USA.

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While roaming, you might want to set a data limit on your devices before enabling data roaming.  This will prevent anyone from going over the 5GB each in data roaming, which will save you on potential extra charges if someone or multiple people go over that 5GB while you are away.  You will want to set the date range for your billing cycle.  If you are in Mexico for a week and your bill rolls over, that 5GB allowance starts again with the next billing period.

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There should be a setting inder data that should allow you to set a date range and a warning as well as limit. 

Thanks, I got it

How can I set the data limit ? It is something in my account ?

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How do I check to see what kind of charges I will have for data, texting and calls while traveling in the United Kingdom?

Go to T-Mobile's international roaming page and enter United Kingdom.

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