Traveling in Bermuda

  • 27 October 2021
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Can I use my phone in Bermuda and are there extra charges?  Thank you. 

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Great question. You’ll want to check our coverage page for Bermuda. It’ll give you info and based on the plan you have, you’ll be able to see how your services will be charged.

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As with many such questions, it all depends on your plan. On current postpaid plans you’ll get free (but slow) data and free texting. Calls roaming on the cellular network are 25¢/min. Incoming calls on WiFi are free and outgoing are as if they were dialed from the USA. Watch out when on WiFi because O'Toole's corollary holds and cell phones, when left to their own devices, seem to always pick the most expensive way to handle a call. If you want to make a call via WiFi calling, don’t give the phone any choice. Put it in airplane mode and turn WiFi back on. Also, VoIP apps, like Skype (voice), FaceTime (voice), Google Voice* and Viber work over slow cellular data, so make use of them

*You may have to wrestle Google Voice to the ground and hog tie it to get it to not use your cellular line for incoming calls.