Unable to access YouTube, IG, NetFlix on mobile data

  • 3 March 2022
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Just got my son a new Samsung S22 as we thought his old phone was the issue as he’s unable to access YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, etc. while on mobile network. It works fine when we are on Wifi. Also, data is working as we are able to search via google and also ran a speed test which shows up fine. The T-Mobile support person assisting us while I was on a call with them over an hour could not figure it out either and said he was going to escalate the issue. Still have not heard anything. Any thoughts on what can be driving this?

7 replies

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have you tried swapping the sim card to a different phone to see if the problem follows or works fine on the next tester device?

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I don't use Netflix or any other streaming service but have this issue with YouTube app. All videos play fine in a mobile browser. In the android app, many won't load. There's a circle that keeps spinning. With WiFi, the issue doesn't exist, as you said.

I have the same issue with iphone 13. My apps does not open on 5G pr LTE

I have the same problem with my iPhone 12 and 13 were you able to fix it ?

i am having the same issue with my son.  it started about a month or so ago.  after it started we upgraded him from an iphone 6 to an iphone 12 and that didn’t resolve the issue.  


Same issue here. The issue started since my iPhone 8, and I switched to iPhone 13 last year, but the problem still not gone. Youtube app will only stream video on wifi connection, will not stream on tmobile data, neither will Netflix and Hulu apps will stream on data. 

I'm experiencing this problem with my son's phone which started around 2 months ago. We went to a T-Mobile store and the sales associate said our plan was old then tried to upsell us on a new plan. It didn't make sense because my wife, son, and I have identical plans but he is the only one with the issue.

I am able to remedy the problem by using a VPN on my son's phone. For some reason tmobile is blocking/limiting data from certain apps. The VPN hides what data is being used and allows full speed and access to apps like Netflix, Tiktok, Instagram, etc.

I'd like to know the reason why 3rd party apps are being limited all of a sudden.