Unable to receive calls or texts from AT&T network customers

  • 4 August 2020
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Have a number of phone on my plan,  one of the phone numbers cannot receive calls from AT&T network cell phones  (AT&T, Cricket, ..)   Has been going on for a number of months.
Changed multiple phones  (iPhone, Samsung, LG)

Changed service provider - Verizon to T-Mobile  (both providers with same issue)

Changed SIMS  (have to change sim when changing providers)

Verified not on any blocks

and have tried from many AT&T numbers.

Message received:   “This phone number is currently not receiving calls at this time”


Recommendations?   Many open support tickets with T-Mobile Support.

8 replies

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That phone number account has blocked either your phone # or a category your phone # falls into. OR that phone number is out of service for some reason.

If this happens for ALL AT&T numbers, your phone # has been blocked by AT&T (possibly as spam?).


I can see AT&T blocking a number from CALLING their network,   but is it possible for them to BLOCK a number being called?   Example - As a AT&T cell phone user, making a call from the AT&T phone to a number like 911  - AT&T can block that?

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Perhaps AT&T has listed that number as dangerous or not allowed in some way.


Friday I was on a call with AT&T as they were researching what they are able to block.  Aldous was kindly checking with his manager, and everything he had access to search.  Per AL  AT&T does not have the ability to block a phone number for their entire network.   Can block for individual lines, but not for the network.     45 minutes into the call,  I received the call back I requested for the T-Mobile Technical Expert - so I was on a AT&T phone (mom’s) with the AT&T rep,   and on My T-Mobile phone with the T-Mobile rep.     AT&T saying they can block a phone for the whole network,  and T-Mobile saying we don’t see them trying to connect to the T-Mobile network.

And at the same time - my Brother on his AT&T phone trying to call my Wife’s T-Mobile phone, getting the message:  “Not accepting calls at this time”,  30 seconds after my son one his T-Mobile phone talking to his mom on the T-Mobile not accepting calls from AT&T.

Very odd  -  though I did hear there have been issues with one network calling another network.

Currently have a case open with AT&T  and a case open with T-Mobile.

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I sincerely hope someone is able to figure out what is going on because that’s one the most convoluted tales of connection woes I’ve heard! :astonished: I take it all that played out in the same general area?


Opened another AT&T case from an AT$T phone for not being able to call the T-Mobile number 713-###-####.   The agent reset some items, that required rebooting the AT&T phone twice,  after the 2nd restart - was able to call the t-mobile 713-###-#### number.    The error message was  Message 24  US01LV - which is an AT&T error message.   


Looks like I need to get 16-20+  known AT&T customers to call support and reset something to allow calling that number.

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So...this turned out to be an AT&T account setting issue? To be clear, AT&T phone numbers can’t call a particular Tmobile number (yours) because of a setting on their AT&T accounts?

WEIRD! :drooling_face:

Hi everybody,

I’m having this same issue, not receiving calls from ATT landline, was working fine and then no more. have been with T-mobile tech support for 2 days and ATT tech support trying to fix this issue. ATT tech support still working on the problem with no answer yet. They have case file open and also T-Mobile has a case file open on this problem. Try different ATT landline customers and same issue they can not complete the call with our 2  T-Mobile numbers. phone just rings forever with no messages.😥😤

Will update as soon this is corrected.