Unable to receive calls/texts

Hello all,


I have been unable to receive calls/texts for about two weeks now. I'm able to call out and text out with no issue, but incoming calls go straight to voicemail and incoming texts are just not received. I've attempted multiple phone reboots and also ensured no unexpected apps were using any SMS or Phone permissions.


When I log into my account it's listed as Active but also has a red exclamation point next to it. I'm unsure if that's related.


I've missed several important calls due to this, so any and all help to address the issue would be appreciated.



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What device are you using?  Have you tried completely powering off your device for at least 5 minutes to allow it to refresh its connection to the network?  Does your device support VoLTE?  Have you checked and tried recreating the APN Settings?  Have you tried a full factory reset of the device?  Have you been able to replicate the issue with your SIM in another device?

Zenfone MAX. VoLTE is supported and enabled.

I have left the phone off for an entire night with no change.

I did recreate the APN settings to no avail.

I do not have another device to test the SIM with, but I did try reseating it, once again to no avail.

A factory reset would be an absolute last resort.

I can actually pinpoint a narrow time frame when my incomings stopped working. On 4/22 I received an incoming call at ~9am Eastern with no issue. However an incoming call I received from the same person at ~2pm Eastern that afternoon went straight to VM.

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Whoa, that's a long time. Is the issue still going on? We have steps on our Calling services ​ page that can help. The reset is an option, but there's other steps that can be taken before we get there.

Hello Mike,

I was able to with with @TMobileHelp on Twitter. Through troubleshooting, we have determined that it is either a phone issue or a really weird SIM issue. As of right now, I was coordinating a visit to a T-Mobile store to have them test my SIM on a different phone.

If you have any other recommendations while I am coordinating this step, please let me know. Thanks!

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If this issue is traveling around regardless of where you go, then testing the SIM in another device is a great step for now. Please let us know what happens.