unable to text 5 digit codes

  • 22 November 2022
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i can send and receive text messages no problem except i can’t send to shorter text numbers. For example, i’m trying to join World Market’s loyalty program at 95730 and it just won’t go. It constantly fails. i received their text.  And it’s not just today but it’s been going on for a long time where my texts to these shorter numbers fails. Then while it’s trying and trying and the dots are moving around showing that it’s trying - it seems to freeze my ability to send any texts to regular numbers. So i need to shut down and reboot. 

It hasn’t been a big deal because the texts to these shorter numbers hasn’t been that important but it’s becoming annoying and i feel it’s something i should get sorted.

i’m on the Samsung Ultra S22.  I’ve also used different settings - wi-fi calling on and off, and being on my home wifi and turning that on and off. And none of these work. 

thank you for any guidance. 

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