Unlimited free calls on 15GB/30 Days International Data Pass and Wi-Fi Calling

  • 25 March 2022
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I was told by a retail sales rep at a T-Mobile retail store today that unlimited free calls to/from/within Simple Global countries on International Data Pass only works on Wi-Fi Calling and that without Wi-Fi calling the charges for each call is $.25/minute (Magenta plan). This does not seem right as this would mean locals calls made within a Simple Global country would result in an international call originating from the U.S. Instead of being a free call, I believe, this would result in a $3.00/minute call.

Do we really need to turn on Wi-Fi Calling while on International Data Pass?

I am planning a trip to Japan and don’t want any surprise billing when I return from the trip. Would appreciate any comment from people that have used this service.

15 replies


I know there is no reply to ur question, I am in the same boat. how did you manage you calls and data need when you were in Japan? can you share your cost and experience. Please.


Many thanks in advance.



15GB/30 Days International Data Pass worked out really well. All the calls and data were handled by Softbank. There were no additional charges for any calls or data use that I made in Japan. And as I suspected, the retail sales rep was wrong.  You do NOT use Wi-Fi Calling when making domestic calls within Japan with International Data Pass so I had it turned off.

How was your internet connectivity while in Japan?  Were you able to receive local calls without the caller having to make an international call to your US number?


Internet connection was very good. I had no problem with it.

Incoming calls will be through your US number so all calls originating from Japan will be international calls for them. They would be domestic calls for those originating from the U.S.

I used 15GB global pass in Japan and it's works very well. The problem I had was that there is not a way that I can check how much data I have used, until I got a text message from T-Mobile saying I had used up 80% of the 15Gb, but it was within 13 days! I tried to save the usage but still used up all within 20 days. Then the most frustrating thing, even I decided to purchase a new 15 GB global pass, it won't help because T-Mobile only waits until your 30 days expires before activating a new pass! I am still looking for a solution,  now I can only use low speed data, calls are free ubtil the end of 30days.



Super frustrated with this…

We are in Japan now. (Have US phone numbers) My kid made some calls to US via Wi-Fi calls (which is stated in our billing) and received some calls from US (also says Wi-Fi calls on the billing)


I chatted someone at customer service for over an hour and she said we will be charged for this. (25c/min) 

but more I read up on it, I should not get charged when using Wi-Fi calls between two US numbers. Am I wrong?


please advise me if you have the same experience. 
we have One plan with unlimited calls. 

thank you. 


I am not familiar with One plan but under Magenta, I know you won’t be charged for those calls. I had a 3 day period before I purchased International Data Pass while in Japan and during that period, I made 3 Wi-Fi calls and received 1 call to/from the US, which were not charged. 

The only calls I got charged for during the 3 day period were for domestic incoming and outgoing calls within Japan, which were at 25 cents per minute.  


Tirebiter: thank you so much for your reply!

that’s what I am reading too. But the chat operator at T-Mobile insisted that since he was in Japan, even Wi-Fi calls are charged. (But the pic below doesn’t say that…) im glad to hear you were not charged  Wi-Fi calls between 2 US numbers! 



Like the sales rep I talked to prior to my trip, they are often misinformed and will give you the wrong information.

I checked the general terms for One Plan and Magenta and they both have similar verbiage on International Roaming - “Calls, including over Wi-Fi, are $.25/min. (no charge for Wi-Fi calls to US, Mexico and Canada).” 

I believe Wi-Fi calls made/received within Simple Global countries are treated as calls originating from/received within in the US so there should not be any charges for those calls.


Thank you. The chat person even brought her supervisor and they both affirmed that I will be charged since my son’s US number was used in Japan. 

here’s the screenshot of my chat. Does this make sense to you…? It doesn’t make sense to me.




The terms on International Roaming clearly states there is an exception for the $.25/min rule for Wi-Fi calls to US, Mexico and Canada so, I believe, they are wrong. And I know I did not get charged for Wi-Fi calls to/from the US while I was in Japan.


Thank you! I will keep you posted once my billing cycle ends in 10 days! By the way, they offered me 15G 30 days international plan for my son. Does this mean with this plan,  he can call Japanese local number for free? That’s the plan you got, correct? 


Yes, with 15GB International Pass, all calls (incoming/outgoing) to/from countries within Simple Global International countries, which includes Japan, will be free.  In addition, you get high-speed internet access to 15GB of data.



My wife is on a Caribbean cruise and I’m getting charged for calls even though I bought a data pass plan. Customer support has been useless to date and the three reps I’ve spoken to don’t seem to have a clue about the service or how to fix it.


International Data Pass only works within T-Mobile’s 210+ Simple Global Countries. So unless the calls are coming in through one of the Simple Global countries (see list of countries, you will be charged at international roaming rate.

T-Mobile has a site where you can check for Cruise coverage ( If the cruise liner is covered under your T-Mobile Plan, it will show the appropriate rates for text, data and phone calls. Hope this helps.