unusual phone numbers on my call history

  • 18 November 2022
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I have this particular phone number on my call history that I did not dial and it says I've dialed it multiple times 304-42248825. Whenever I call it it says your call cannot be completed as dial please call 611 for help NY201NY 51.. I think my boyfriend dialed it by the way. He is the night but  really think he did. It shows up multiple times so I know it was meant to be dialed. All types of weird activities started when I got a Google voice number on my phone. But this particular thing keeps happening I just want to know what happens when you dial that number when it was first dialed not the second or third time.

2 replies

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is it a forwarded number or perhaps a out of country call? if it starts with a 3 then the number it isnt anywhere in the states.


actually looking at that number makes zero sense… would that number by chance be your Google Voice number or something?


The 304 is a West Virginia area code. But my boyfriend does have a Google voice number. We both do. But this number also showed up on his phone and he would dial it after a certain numbers like every time he would call me there would be that number dialed right after on his phone.