US Cellular roaming only working on some phones.

  • 19 April 2021
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I just upgraded from a oneplus 7t to a samsung galaxy s21.  I have 5 lines.  While traveling through Beckley WV I am unable to roam at all on US Cellular, with my t-mobile galaxy s21 or our unlocked moto g7 play.  Three of our phones roamed without issue.  Another t-mobile oneplus 7t, a t-mobile moto g7 power, and an unlocked google pixel 4a5g.  A few weeks ago my t-mobile oneplus 7t was able to roam without issue, using the same sim that is now in my s21.  My daughter’s pixel 4a5g is currently able to roam with the same sim that was in her old phone.

After 2.5 hours on the phone with t-mobile, the best they could come up with is getting a new sim card.  The problem here is that by the time I can actually test it again, I will be outside of my return window for the s21.

I have seen several threads on here for this same issue, but no resolutions.  has anyone gotten this to work? 


Here are the steps we have tried.

The t-mobile rep disconnected and reconnected my service, and even added a roaming package.

The t-mobile rep had be dial #766# to turn on international roaming.

I reset my network settings.  I tried changing to each of the network types individually.

I tried choosing the US Cellular network manually.

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I replied to your post on the other USCC thread before I read this one. Here’s my theory. For whatever reason, USCC has not picked up the TAC (first 8 digits of the IMEI) of your new S21 from T-Mobile and put it in their whitelist. T-Mobile does not consider the TAC list they send to USCC to be an explicit “whitelist” but USCC does. 

I don’t know of any sure route to fix this since it all happens at the “mating elephant” level. You might try contacting T-Force on Twitter providing the IMEIs of the phones that don’t roam and asking if there’s any way to check if the TACs are in USCC’s “whitelist” or not. I wouldn’t expect a quick fix, although your S21 might just start working any day, in the normal course of events.