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  • 2 August 2021
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Any one else having major connection issues with this device. Literally have to restart it each time it switches from wifi to data. Tower hand offs failing, 5g network issues or is it the device? Upon trouble shooting the phone with a T-mobile Rep. the issue still remains. At this point I’m thinking I just want a different phone. Always loved my LG phones loyal since the optimus. now though not so sure.

8 replies

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did you try switching the network mode from 5G to 4G instead to see if it starts handing it off better? if it does then its an issue with how your phone is either picking up the 5G or distance from the closest tower that is pushing 5G.

Alas.  I had no data service with my first velvet after only two months.  I tried all the tricks mentioned, and talked to some verry knowledgeable T-Mobile tech guys on the phone, who could get it working again for a while.  Then, death again.  So I went to the T-Mobile store where basically they said ‘it’s dead, Jim, and replaced it with a shiny new unit.  Which worked about three weeks.  I like the Velvet for everything except pone calls, and I keep probably vainly hoping LG will issue some sort of firmware update to save the day, but I  bought a cheap Samsung  A12 for phone calls and keep the velvet for video editing.

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I had the LG Velvet for a while.  It was a 🙂 ce device, however, it had a flaw for some Northern states… no 5g SA, only 5g NSA, meaning it had to connect to a B2/B4 LTE site to be able to use 5g.

I was able to have TMobile exchange it for a OnePlus 8, which is a decent (very fast and bright) device, but has a Bluetooth bug with my SUV 😩.  Sadly, LG has left the mobile industry.

Once the update G900TM14K was installed the phone is basically a brick.  It will bounce off the network and not maintain a consistent connection.  I have now been through a factory reset, 30 customer service agents, and 3 phones.  They all keep just trying to sell me on an upgrade and not fixing the issue with the software that they pushed to my phone.  This is getting a little ridiculous and I wish i could start charging them for my time and frustration!!!!

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I was able to get my LG Velvet exchanged (after 2 months) for a One Plus 8.  I did this, as I used the device in northern MI , where there is a lot of 5g SA , but little 5g NSA due to lack of AWS/PCS in some counties. LG and Tmobile had difficulty on coming clean on 5ag NSA only.

I have been having the same issue since the beggining of october and they can't offer me a right answer or help.  What am i suposed to do with 2 phones that are the same model still on a lease contract. No data it keeps searching it goes only to 2g or g or no network at all. Desperate here

Same here, on my second replacement LG VELVET? Custome service and network engineers keep bouncing me back and forth but the issues of no 5G network access and no incoming or outgoing calls can be made while away from a internet connection! Still making payments to T-Mobile on this phone! Loved my previous LG products but this is my last one for sure. 😔

Another 2hour call with Techs tonight.  I cannot receive or make calls when not on wifi calling?  TMobile engineers cannot fix my LG Velvet. They will ask LG engineers to investigate. In the meantime my phone does not work properly. If wifi is unavailable almost nothing works!  No 5G when away from wifi! This is totally unfair when I am still paying T-mobile.  What am I to do? I need apps to work when I travel!!!!