Very poor service for months, no help from T-Mobile

  • 21 July 2021
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We’ve been with T-Mobile for over 15 years and since early this year our service has deteriorated to the point where it’s practically useless. While at home we can’t send or receive texts or phone calls. That means we can’t make a doctor appointment, call emergency numbers, receive a simple texted code when trying to log into certain secure websites…’s extremely frustrating. Last week we went on a road trip from SoCal to Seattle and only had service about 20% of the way. We can’t even call T-Mobile’s 611 number to get help. I’ve had to contact them repeatedly via online chats; yesterday I spent over 2.5 hours with them. I’ve been given the “We’ve determined there’s a problem in your area and our engineering team is working on it” line several times over the past couple of months. Nobody follows up with us. At this point I’m beginning to feel that they’re just blowing us off, and we’re beginning to look at alternative carriers. How can this company continue to do business like this? 

We’re in Camarillo, in Ventura County, CA; has anybody else in the area had similar experiences?

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I am no where near the west coast but any service issues would be very hard to deal with with all of the wild fires and heatwave going on out that way.  When it comes to emergency calls, those will route though any cellular tower and service they can.  Even if you remove your SIM card, dialing 911 from your device will connect to any available network, including the First Responder network to make sure that call goes through.  If your device supports T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling.  That might be a temporary solution while you are at home.